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    After the forum came back up after the upgrade, there were still numerous background processes working away. One or more of them must have been related to post counts, as everyone is now showing the actual amount of posts they have on the site since the data loss we experienced. I had thought the original counts might've remained since that's what appeared when the current site came back up but apparently I was wrong. I'm sorry about that unfortunate change. Everything else regarding your original accounts remained, including posts after the data loss, usernames, avatars, signatures, and private messages. Since I noticed a few of you mention it, if anyone wants a username change just shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to update that for you.
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    1234567890 is iconic and I will not be changing it.
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    I just enabled signatures on mobile devices. Lets see how this goes.
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    I wonder if Steven will change his to just: CarrieFan.
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    I should've done "IDFSavior" since I literally brought this site back from the dead with rankdowns
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    Seriously though, we have to start some more General Discussion threads so we can share thoughts on even more DWTS shows! My French and German aren't strong enough to understand their forums.
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    Asylum should be the last AHS standing fyi
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    OMG what happened? after all that time trying to preserve our accounts, we might as well have made new ones
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    Take your time Queen, we already know the music is gonna be awesome. With that voice, Maelyn is definitely gonna get opportunities, so I hope she eventually gets some promo by herself, because we all know the track record of the label.
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    Fun fact: My husband and I met him and his wife after Kelly’s show in Nashville last March!
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    My ranking of her albums: 1. Greatest Hits: Decade #1 and that’s the only one I have.
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    Checking in even if JK Rowling’s yikes
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    And goodbye to Star*Man!
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    My ranking would be: 1. Storyteller 2. Carnival Ride 3. Cry Pretty 4. Some Hearts 5. Blown Away 6. Play On Cry Pretty would probably be 2 if songs I liked more were chosen as singles. Cry Pretty and Southbound are two of my least favorites from it.
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    Glad to have a Harry Potter fan thread! I am Hufflepuff! I did find out my Ilvermorny house but I can't remember it and I don't see it on my account. I don't really care for the new Wizarding World site. I kind of preferred Pottermore.
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    Half of the forum changing their usernames in one day.
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    My ranking of her albums: 1. Cry Pretty 2. Storyteller 3. Carnival Ride 4. Blown Away 5. Some Hearts 6. Play On
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    Brian Joubert, unlike Adam Rippon, has a quad jump.
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    PLZ welcome Brian Joubert from Danse avec les stars to this rankdown:
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    @Elliott. You see the latest promo featuring Parvati? Jeff said he's her pick to win.
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    Now, ladies & gays, this is what we call TASTE!
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    LMAOOO this was such a hilarious segment. LOL I hear about Goop all of the time lately on this one show I watch as one of the people on there is obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow.
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    Some of these new names are really throwing me off. Also, I noticed threads no longer have sub-titles.
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    We've been discussing since yesterday, but... still taking some time. There's a lot of back and forth to get something we all three are good with, plus with the time difference, it's a bit of a task. I hope we can have something ready tonight.
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    Wally still having the highest post count even though they were all reset to just what's been posted since November.
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    Amanda having to relearn our usernames to constantly tag us now that they're changed.
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    Bringing in Strictly Come Dancing's robbed queen Faye Tozer! Giovanni could get it
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    I mostly did it so I could try different orders out. Or if I wanted to remove one later on, I could. That's what I was thinking. I've wanted a new username for a while.
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    Went back & forth on 2 celebrities whom appeared on DWTS: Australia. I am going with... Courtney Act!
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    I'll kick things off and bring in the first international contestant, Alexandra Burke from Strictly 2017.
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    Who cares about losing posts. It's 2020, time for a fresh start.
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    Hi! I just got my account validated, I've been following Idolforums since the 13th season I've always been anonymous and I'm very happy to be able to post!
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    It's currently set to 2 images per signature but we can always look into increasing that. The more we put in a signature, the higher the possibility of display issues. It's more so an issue now because we're actually responsive in design (where as we only had the desktop version available before the upgrade). I'll be turning on mobile signatures soon and I want to ensure everything still looks right across all display types.
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    Please keep discussions in Danielle's fan thread to Danielle. Post or talk about other singers on the general discussion thread, or their particular show thread. Thanks.
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    Scotty's got the adds, what he needs is more heavyweight spins!
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    If more Carrie fans post here, then maybe there can be a Carrie subforum again.
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    Couldn't be more proud!
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    https://twitter.com/ScottyMcCreery/status/1219654409799507971 5MM Double Platinum! Congrats Scotty!!
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