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> The first four words you see describe you!, Post yours :D
post Jan 23rd 2012, 11:24 PM
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From: Toronto, Canada
Fav. AI8: Kris Allen
Fav. AI13: Jessica Meuse
Fav. AI14: Nick Fradiani

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The first 4 words I saw:
1. Happy
2. Genuine
3. Sentimental
4. Sweet


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post Jan 23rd 2012, 11:24 PM

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post Feb 2nd 2012, 4:41 AM
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sweetest IDF grobie

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From: California
Fav. AI5: Elliott Yamin
Fav. AI9: Alex Lambert
Fav. One Direction is radtastic.


I don't really watch American Idol anymore. I don't really post here much.
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Posts in this topic
Levi   The first four words you see describe you!   Jan 23rd 2012, 11:24 PM
ringette04   dramatic, sentimental, passionate, thoughtful...   Jan 23rd 2012, 11:37 PM
pink-ebonette   Peaceful, elegant, patient, happy Not patient :ha...   Jan 23rd 2012, 11:48 PM
RWG   1. Prey 2. Peaceful 3. Charming 4. Passionate I...   Jan 23rd 2012, 11:59 PM
natalietan   Outspoken Outgoing Dramatic Critical :bleh:   Jan 24th 2012, 8:57 AM
Jordan-N-Torifan   Lazy Happy Passionate Naive   Jan 24th 2012, 10:29 AM
lilboo83   Peaceful Lovely Loyal Lethargic Somewhat accurate...   Jan 24th 2012, 1:58 PM
smilesunshineex3   Happy Patient Elegant Honest I don't think I...   Jan 24th 2012, 2:14 PM
Starry_Night   Sweet Talent Restless Charismatic   Jan 24th 2012, 2:20 PM
Zak9369   Genuine - LOL that's a good joke. Insecure - O...   Jan 24th 2012, 4:19 PM
bice_rawks   Lazy Peaceful Sweet Courageous   Jan 24th 2012, 5:08 PM
bumnummies   honest, passionate, thoughtful and outspoken. o:)   Jan 24th 2012, 8:41 PM
iluvanthonyf   Lovely Sentimental Honest Secure   Jan 25th 2012, 1:00 AM
xoSam   Loyal, Caring, Passionate and Insecure. Seems pret...   Jan 25th 2012, 1:27 PM
juniorfan4eva   Dramatic, sweet, patient, compassionate... eh, def...   Jan 25th 2012, 5:29 PM
Shannyface87   Peaceful, naive, reserved, elegant.   Jan 25th 2012, 7:43 PM
SpamGoddess   Love Happy Passionate Time Eh. :P   Jan 25th 2012, 10:18 PM
Weedy Spyze   Passionate, polite, lol @ the l...   Jan 25th 2012, 11:10 PM
Apothecary   Impatient Genuine Thoughtful Happy   Jan 26th 2012, 7:27 AM
HeckYeahSYTYCD   Sweet, caring, compassionate, charismatic... I...   Jan 26th 2012, 9:01 AM
noise   Genuine Reserved Mental Lovely Hahah...mental ...   Jan 26th 2012, 2:37 PM
Lyndz   Genuine, Patient, Lovely, Insecure   Jan 26th 2012, 4:13 PM
Oliviaaa   Happy Impatient Loyal Passionate Sounds about r...   Jan 26th 2012, 7:25 PM
TotalTayFan   Dependent Naive Sweet Reserved bahaha awesome. I ...   Jan 27th 2012, 3:42 PM
**JennyGearFan**   Loyal, Lovely, Happy, Patient.   Jan 27th 2012, 7:39 PM
Castiel   :flowers: happy patient loyal thoughtful <3...   Jan 27th 2012, 8:52 PM
saran4886   Happy Patient Peaceful Reserved :haha: yeah. ok...   Jan 27th 2012, 9:49 PM
~♥ Yvonne ♥~   dramatic outspoken outgoing courageous   Jan 28th 2012, 1:57 AM
Splendid88   happy, genuine, outspoken, patient   Jan 29th 2012, 3:03 PM
JORDAN_FAN   Hmmmm..... Peaceful Sentimental Talented Loyal   Jan 29th 2012, 3:02 PM
hayden98   Outgoing Sweet Genuine Naive :lol: Maybe, it sou...   Jan 29th 2012, 6:55 PM
smileyriley14   Lazy - So true (at times) :haha: Lovely - K :ha...   Jan 29th 2012, 8:18 PM
druth8x   This is very interesting. I need to do this late...   Feb 1st 2012, 6:23 AM
stellarstarlight   happy dramatic passionate insecure   Feb 2nd 2012, 4:41 AM
Musicbaby123   Patient, Happy, Peaceful, Passionate I would say ...   Feb 8th 2012, 5:39 AM

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