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> Skanks rank their favorite FYE songs - 'Recorded' versions, do the songs rank in your heart at the end of the FYE era
post Dec 7th 2011, 6:22 PM
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original.gif bye1.gif OK, so I'm about to lose my mind with anticipation for the new single/album/any news at all, and I need something to occupy myself. Now that we've had two whole years to digest, analyze, and enjoy Adam's first album, I'm curious to see which songs ended up being favorites of the (best huggy.gif ) fan base, and which ones are less loved (before we are influenced/corrupted by the new album). Here's the challenge: rank all 17 songs recorded and released for FYE, from your favorite to your least favorite. No ties are allowed (sorry...I know it's like asking you to pick a favorite child fear2.gif ). I will compile all of the lists and post a finalized Skank Rank for the album (with various stats such as "most #1 rankings" and "highest average rank"). Remember, this is a ranking of the RECORDED versions only. I'll make another thread for the live versions if there is interest (I know that for me, that list would be VERY different). I'll start...

Favorite song from FYE (recorded versions):
Adore Beyond Words wub.gif
1. Music Again
2. Pick U Up
3. Fever
4. Broken Open
Love, Love, Love heart.gif
5. Down the Rabbit Hole
6. Voodoo
Like a Lot grin.gif
7. Strut
8. If I Had You
9. For Your Entertainment
10. Soaked
11. Sleepwalker
Like original.gif
12. Sure Fire Winners
13. Whataya Want From Me
14. Aftermath
15. Master Plan
Meh noexpression.gif
16. Can't Let You Go
Dislike blarg.gif
17. A Loaded Smile
Hate angry.gif

PS. You don't have to include my categories if you don't want, just a numbered list

PPS. If you are a lurker, please come play! I'm usually more of a lurker, and this posting thing is fun w00twave.gif

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post Dec 7th 2011, 6:22 PM

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