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> Your ANTM elimination orders, from all 17 seasons.
post Sep 27th 2011, 5:27 PM
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I'll start with C2 because I don't remember much of C1. haha.gif

IPB Image

Garden of Eden
FCO - Camille (Sara)
B2 - Bethany and Anna
Eliminated - Anna - Useless.

Steve Madden Shoes
FCO - Sara (Jenascia)
B2 - Heather and Yoanna
Eliminated - Heather - Too young and too invisible.

FCO - Mercedes (Sara)
B2 - Bethany and Catie
Eliminated - Bethany - Strange look. It was kinda mumsy and not model.

FCO - Xiomara (Sara)
B2 - Camille and Yoanna
Eliminated - Yoanna - Her portfolio sucked at this point.

FCO - Catie (April)
B2 - Camille and Shandi
Eliminated - Shandi - Not a model that ever really seemed to want it.

Beauty Shots
FCO - Sara (Mercedes)
B2 - Catie and Xiomara
Eliminated - Catie - Too inconsistent.

Music Video
FCO - Mercedes (April)
B2 - Sara & Jenascia
Eliminated - Jenascia - The height was a problem.

FCO - Sara (April)
B2 - Xiomara and Camille
Eliminated - Camille - Great model/personality, but her photos were too inconsistent.

FCO - Mercedes
B2 - Xiomara and Sara
Eliminated - Xiomara - Too harsh looking for a shoot like this.

Extreme Beauty Shots
FCO - Sara
B2 - April and Mercedes
Eliminated - Meredes - Too commercial.

Runner Up - April
Winner - Sara

IPB Image


12. Anna
11. Heather
10. Bethany
09. Yoanna
08. Shandi
07. Catie
06. Jenascia
05. Camille
04. Xiomara
03. Mercedes
02. April
01. Sara

andrelliott rock ..
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
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post Sep 27th 2011, 5:27 PM

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post Sep 28th 2011, 5:20 PM
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Yeah, Tyra had it out for Kelle. She probably wasn't a great model or anything, but she definitely had better shots than the ones they chose. They showed one of them on the screen during the week 2 beauty shot!

I'm going to do Cycle 10 first because it's flawless.

FCO - Anya (Whitney)
B2 - Amis and Dominique
Eliminated - Dominique (Her photo isn't the worst, but she's just not a model)

FCO - Marvita (Aimee)
B2 - Stacy Ann and Whitney
Eliminated - Stacy Ann (Looks like a dead fish in her photo)

Meat Packing
FCO - Lauren (Kata)
B2 - Fatima and Amis
Eliminated - Amis (Couldn't care less about modeling)

Paint Beauty Shots
FCO - Kata (Anya)
B2 - Whitney and Marvita
Eliminated - Whitney (Disgusting picture)

Music Genres
FCO - Kata (Anya)
B2 - Claire and Atalya
Eliminated - Atalya (Boring)

FCO - Fatima (Anya)
B2 - Lauren and Marvita
Eliminated - Marvita (I can't see her pulling off a really graceful shot)

Jet Setters
FCO - Anya (Lauren)
B2 - Claire and Fatima
Elimianted - Claire (I see her overdoing this)

FCO - Kata (Fatima)
B2 - Lauren and Aimee
Eliminated - Lauren (Worst commercial ever)

Roman Castle Couture
FCO - Fatima (Aimee)
B2 - Allison and Kata
Eliminated - Allison (Not as strong as the others)

FCO - Anya (Kata)
B2 - Fatima and Aimee
Eliminated - Aimee (Wouldn't dream of breaking up the ANTM Golden Trio)

FCO - Fatima
B2 - Kata and Anya
Eliminated - Kata (Anya has a better portfolio and Fatima has a stronger look. I think she'd nail the CG shot though)

Winner: Fatima
Runner-up: Anya

14. Kimberly
13. Dominique
12. Stacy Ann
11. Amis
10. Whitney
9. Atalya
8. Marvita
7. Claire
6. Lauren
5. Allison
4. Aimee
3. Kata
2. Anya
1. Fatima

This post has been edited by rockon7890: Sep 28th 2011, 7:15 PM

AI12: Candice & Kree
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