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> detroit, mi idol show
post Aug 9th 2011, 1:31 PM
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posting my recap, just the casey parts original.gif


So…remember last year, when I walked out of the Toledo Idol after party and I said “that’s it. No more Idol shows for me. I’m done”. Well, I lied. And you can blame Casey Abrams. Yes, Casey was my favorite this year, with Jacob and Naima coming close behind. Overall ,though, I really enjoyed this season. My best friend Sam’s favorite is Stefano. She went to the Milwaukee show and met him, but never got a picture with him, so we were on a MISSION this time around. So, we headed down to the Joe around noon to try and meet our faves before the show. When we first arrived it was a very small group, and it was cloudy with a nice breeze. Their ended up being about 20-25 people outside, and it got hot- FAST. Thank goodness we had chairs, a cooler full of water, and umbrellas, or I probably would have passed out. It was disgusting.

Right around 4, Casey was outside. My friend says “there’s your man. Go get him”. We eventually lured him into coming over. Casey looked so tired!!!! The heat probably wasn’t helping. Anyways, when he got to me I show3ed him my sign- which said “Is it that look in your eyes(with a picture of his scary eyes from smells like teen spirit) hey Casey I think I wanna marry you) he read it, and then said “you THINK?” I said “well, I know”. HA. He signed stuff for me then I gave him the Esperanza Spalding LP I picked up for him. He was like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” and then hugged me. He said he had the cd but wanted the record. We took a picture and I asked him, kindly, to please bring Stefano out for my best friend.


Casey. Do I even have words? I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life, but Casey’s performance last night was the first time I’ve ever designed a plan to jump on stage and mob the artist. LOL. Everything about his set was magical. He is just such a talented musician with a true love for the arts and a soulful sound that I adore. Oh, and his duet with Haley was perfect. I am not a Haley fan, but I started to appreciate her more after that performance.

As for the group numbers, in the first half, I gotta say the boys “Animal” was my favorite. When you have a handful of hyper, cute, talented boys on stage, you’re going to have a good performance.


I got out of the arena pretty quickly and made my way to the buses to find my friends. I found them and was 2 rows behind them- held their purses for them because I’m def the "mom" (even tho I'm young and single, haha) of the group original.gif I waited for a while with them; it started raining so I used Jacob’s sign as an umbrella. After about an hour, Casey came out!!

My friend Sam told him “Megan is behind me and she wants you to know that she KNOWS she’s gonna marry you now”. Casey looked up, saw me and said “Yeah? When?” I said “whenever you want” and he was like “FALL? Is fall good for you? We’ll talk.”. Then someone asked him if he and Haley were still dating and he said “No, I was never dating her”. And Sam says “uh clearly he’s getting married to Megan”. HA!

WEnt down to the end of the line after moving my car...we waited for Casey to finish- he was taking a long time with the fans- when he got to us I asked for a proper proposal and he said “We’ll get married, but we won’t have a wedding”. Okay Casey- whatever you want.He signed my program for me-and by signed I mean drew a picture of himself- then said “I’m gonna draw a bass on Jacob’s tummy” and he did just that. So random. We took a huggy picture too, then he said “what’s your name again?” so I told him and he said “You got me the record. I’m gonna give you a shoutout. Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do”. He was adorable.

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post Aug 9th 2011, 1:31 PM

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post Aug 9th 2011, 6:19 PM
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Great review, congrats on meeting Casey! original.gif I saw his tweet yesterday, that's awesome that it's about you!

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