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> Read this BEFORE requesting a blend/avatar from our Blend Artists

Please be sensible and polite to the blenders. These talented artists are volunteers and donate their own personal time to provide a valueable free service to IDF members. For this reason, please abide by the following rules before requesting a blend/avatar/blinkie from any of the blend shop forums below:

    RULES UPDATED 7/21/2005:

  1. Do NOT post a request for the same blend from multiple blend shop forums. Creating these graphical marvels takes time, so please wait at least 3-5 days before requesting from another shop.

  2. Please be patient! Some of our more popular blend artists have a large list of pending requests, so please be patient until they can begin to work on yours. You can view the backlog by counting the number of requests that are not [COMPLETED] towards the top of any blend shop forum. The [COMPLETED] tag in the title of a request means the request has been fulfilled by the blend artist.

  3. All artwork made for you must be used for at least 1 week. Hard work and energy have gone into creating these blends. Please use it for at least a week before switching to another blend/avatar. If you do not like the blend given to you, please ASK the blend artist if you can either get it changed or ask their permission before requesting the same blend from another blend artist. Simply requesting it from another blend artist without asking the original artist is simply rude and will not be tolerated here.

  4. Do NOT forget to pick up your blend/avatar/blinkie! Be sure to check "Email notification of replies" when posting your request. You will be sent an email when the blend is finished. Please also regularly check the status of your request (every day). There is nothing worse than requesting a blend/avatar, have it completed by a blend artist but never used. This wastes the valuable time of our blend artists.

  5. Read ALL rules posted inside a request forum for a particular blend artist before requesting. They may have special requirements or requesting rules or may be on vacation. (For example, many artists requires you to provide links to pictures for them to work on.) These rules must be followed before requesting a blend from that particular request forum. This saves our time and yours.

  6. Please express your gratitude and your thanks to the artist when picking up your [COMPLETED] blend/avatar. This is simply good manners and expressed courtesy for their time and their hard work.

  7. Note that blend artists are not obligated to create anything for anyone for any reason. Your use of these request forums is a privilege and not a right. If a blend artist has turned down your request for any reason, you may request the same blend from another artist.

  8. Any artwork created are solely for use on, and other Neurox Media boards. Use of any art created by our Blend Artists on other sites are strictly prohibited and violates international copyright law, unless otherwise granted by the artist. All artwork created are owned by the artist and Neurox Media makes no representations to ownership other than having right to publicly display and re-distribute.

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> Peaches Designs, Amanda, Emma, and Kristen

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