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> Season 10 iPod shuffle, Cus somebody had to do this
post Apr 3rd 2011, 10:11 AM
Post #21


Group: Members

Posts: 5,550
Gender: Female
From: FL
Fav. Artists: Beyoncé and Godney

I'm doing to whole Top 24

Casey Abrams- "Don't Stop Believing"- Journey ( No way no.gif )
Naima Adedapo- "Alejandro"- Lady Gaga ( It could work original.gif )
Lauren Alaina- "Hollaback Girl"- Gwen Stefani ( Well she has the sass, but I'm not sure. )
Jovany Barreto- "Livin' On a Prayer"- Bon Jovi (Lol nah )
Kendra Chantelle- "River Deep, Mountain High"- Glee Cast Version ( Not sure )
Jordan Dorsey- "We Made You"- Eminem ( haha.gif never )
James Durbin- "Second Go"- Lights ( lmao.gif )
Clint Jun Gamboa- "Pathetic"- Blink 182 ( lmao noooo )
Tim Halperin- "Hey Jude"- Lennon/McCartney ( heart.gif heart.gif )
Ashthon Jones- "I Wanna"- All American Rejects ( noexpression.gif )
Stefano Langone- "Over the Rainbow"- Glee Cast Version ( yes.gif )
Brett Loewenstern- "Never Say Never"- The Fray ( Could work )
Jacob Lusk- "Tik Tok"- Ke$ha ( roll2.gif I'd pay to see this )
Scotty McCreery- "Bad Romance"- Lady Gaga ( lmao.gif omg )
Paul McDonald- "She Doesn't Get It"- The Format ( yes.gif wub.gif )
Thia Megia- "Rhiannon"- Didi Benami Cover ( spaz.gif )
Haley Reinhart- "I Wanna Hold You"- The Beatles ( Another Ha(e)ley trainwreck? w00t.gif )
Karen Rodriguez- "Beth"- Glee Cast Version ( Sure )
Robbie Rosen- "Sexy Bitch"- Akon feat. David Guetta ( roll2.gif )
Pia Toscano- "Borderline/Open Your Heart"- Glee Cast Version ( YESSSSSS heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif )
Lauren Turner- "Goin' Down"- The Pretty Reckless ( haha.gif Maybe )
Tatanysia Wilson- "Sex Therapy"- Robin Thicke ( LMAO nah )
Rachel Zevita- "Paint It Black"- Siobhan Magnus Cover ( OMG wub.gif wub.gif heart.gif w00t.gif )
Julie Zorrilla- "How to Save a Life"- The Fray ( Maybe )

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post Apr 3rd 2011, 10:11 AM

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post Apr 4th 2011, 10:17 AM
Post #22


Group: Members

Posts: 116,303
Gender: Male
From: Cincinnati, OH
Fav. SYTYCD2: Ivan Koumaev
Fav. SYTYCD7: Kent Boyd
Fav. SYTYCD10: Nico Greetham

I'm going to do the Top 9 and any rock song.

Casey Abrams - Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
Haley Reinhart - Alice in Chains - Rooster
Lauren Alaina - Three Days Grace - World So Cold
Jacob Lusk - Simple Plan - Perfect
James Durbin - Hinder - Lips of an Angel
Paul McDonald - Rise Against - Hero of War
Pia Toscano - Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home
Scotty McCreery - Nirvana - Stay Away
Stefano Langone - Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf

I Andrew. LastFM. Twitter
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post Apr 25th 2011, 4:15 PM
Post #23


Group: Members

Posts: 1,370
Gender: Male
From: fishers, indiana
Fav. AI10: Haley Reinhart
Fav. Favorite Artist: Disturbed

Casey:One More Last Chance by Vince Gill (Might work)
Haley:Noone Else On Earth by Wynonna(YES! I've wanted to hear her sing this since she started the show)
Jacob:Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence (no. Not his style)
James:Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol(fantastic choice)
Lauren: Im Gonna Be Somebody by Travis Tritt(it would be ok but this is more Scottys song)
Scotty:Telephone by Lady Gaga(hahaha)

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post Apr 28th 2011, 4:48 PM
Post #24


Group: Members

Posts: 29,343
Gender: Male
From: Canada
Fav. AI4: Carrie Underwood
Fav. AI5: Chris Daughtry
Fav. AI10: Haley Reinhart

Ashthon Jones - "You Are Not Alone" (Michael Jackson)
I think this would be pretty good actually. She seems to tackle R&B ballads so well, I don't know how she'd measure on delivering the emotion of the song though.

Casey Abrams - "Objection (Tango)" (Shakira)
roll2.gif No. Though I'm sure he'd find some way to infuse his soulful roots with this.

Haley Reinhart - "TiK ToK" (Ke$ha)
NO. Please no.

Jacob Lusk - "You Lost Me" (Christina Aguilera)
Not enough room for him to scream. And I wouldn't want him tackling this because he'd overkill it.

James Durbin - "Neon" (Jackie Boyz)
Next. roll2.gif

Karen Rodriguez - "Disco Pogo" (Atzen)
roll2.gif There isn't one person who could even sing this properly.

Lauren Alaina - "Spotlight" (Jennifer Hudson)
Hmm part of me can see her putting a country spin to this but in the end, it would still be a mess. I think.

Naima Adedapo - "A Spaceman Came Traveling" (Chris de Burgh)
This would be interesting.

Paul McDonald - "Maniac" (Girlicious)
roll2.gif Obviously it would be a mess but it would be interesting and entertaining to say the least.

Pia Toscano - "Hot N Cold" (Katy Perry)
Well she already did "Teenage Dream" in a medley but she'd definitely sing it to the best she could. wub.gif

Scotty McCreery - "Famous Last Words" (My Chemical Romance)
I'm picturing him slowing it down and it's actually working in some odd way. lmao.gif

Stefano Langone - "Stereo Love" (Edward Maya)

Thia Megia - "Purple Rain" (Prince)
This may work in some weird way.

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post May 8th 2011, 10:43 PM
Post #25


Group: Members

Posts: 93
Gender: Female
From: France
Fav. AI10: Lauren Alaina
Fav. AI1: Kelly Clarkson

I'm gonna do it again for the top 11 (the truth is that I don't really remember Karen and Ashton tongue.gif )

Casey: The Good Kind by The Wreckers. Even if he tried to put his own spin on it I don't think it would fit him no.gif
Haley: I didn't want to need you by Heart. I think it would work very well grin.gif
Jacob: Listen to your heart by roxette. ermm.gif No, it wouldnt be horrible, but there would be something wrong about it.
James: Black Horse & the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. I imagin him doing a very energic rock version, it could be fun tongue.gif but its not the type of song I see him singing
Lauren : Play on by Carrie Underwood. w00t.gif Great
Naima: Long Way to happy by Pink no.gif It wont fit her
Paul: Tenessee Line by Daughtry. If he dies an acoustic version, it could be really good w00t.gif
Pia: Angel by Leona Lewis. It would fit her nicely yes.gif
Scotty: Songs Like This by Carrie Underwood. well its really a song made for girls regarding the lyrics haha.gif but beside that the music would fit him well. But I would give this song to Lauren.
Stefano: Change by Carrie Underwood. Why not? Not the best song for him but he might do something decent with it. I would prefer this song for Lauren once again
Thia: Knights of Cydonia by Muse. I love her voice but no wacko.gif


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post Jun 28th 2011, 5:09 PM
Post #26


Group: Members

Posts: 682
Gender: Female
From: usa
Fav. AI8: Allison Iraheta
Fav. AJ: Chantel Kohl
Fav. Favorite AJ:tori

Casey Abrams- Robot Love by Allison Iraheta
Naima Adedapo- show me how you burlesque
Lauren Alaina- pieces by allison iraheta
Jovany Barreto- trouble is by allison iraheta
Kendra Chantelle- black hole sun by audio slave
Jordan Dorsey- try by Crystal shawanda
James Durbin- Blame it on your heart artist unknown done by allison iraheta
Clint Jun Gamboa- creep radio head
Tim Halperin- give in to me : done by allison iraheta
Ashthon Jones- upon this rock news boys
Stefano Langone- holiday by allison iraheta
Brett Loewenstern- papa was a rolling stone- done by allison iraheta
Jacob Lusk- what do i have to do by crystal shawanda
Scotty McCreery- my roots are showing by crystal shawanda
Paul McDonald- you dont know me by allison iraheta
Thia Megia-dawn of a new day by crystal shawanda
Haley Reinhart- something got ahold of me by christina aguliera
Karen Rodriguez-welcome to burlesque- cher
Robbie Rosen- express- christina aguliera
Pia Toscano- me and you by kenny chesney
Lauren Turner- beat me up allison iraheta
Tatanysia Wilson- you havent seen the last of me by cher
Rachel Zavita-american honey by lady antebellum
Julie Zorrilla- headstrong by trapt

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post Sep 25th 2011, 11:55 PM
Post #27


Group: Members

Posts: 1,545
Gender: Male
From: Washington (State)
Fav. AI10: Haley Reinhart
Fav. Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

I'll do the Top 11 original.gif
Naima- Rolling In The Deep, Adele (I don't think so... haha.gif )
Thia- Heartless, Kris Allen/Kanye West (as crazy as it sounds, just maybe she could pull it off! yes.gif )
Pia- Born This Way, Lady Gaga (In some parts, maybe... unsure.gif )
Paul- Boyfriend, Big Time Rush ( haha.gif haha.gif haha.gif )
Stefano- You & I, Lady Gaga ( fear2.gif )
Casey- Tightrope, Janelle Monae (Not this time Casey... haha.gif )
Jacob- Marry You, Bruno Mars ( roll.gif roll.gif )
James- Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not, Thompson Square (Pass... wacko.gif
Haley- Don't Wanna Go Home (Probably not, although I'd LOVE to see her try. Ya never know! wub.gif )
Lauren- Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5 (No, no, no, no, no. tongue.gif )
Scotty- Dirty Dancer (LOL, WHAT? haha.gif bleh.gif haha.gif bleh.gif )

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