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> Shannon's Belated, Brief, and Mostly-Aaron Hamilton Tour Review!, Long enough title? ;)
post Jul 16th 2010, 10:11 AM
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So, I already posted my concert experience in the tour forum, but I thought I'd post the part about Aaron here (and the other parts that were amazing, mainly about Tim and Katie)... kind of a condensed version of my experience. original.gifI pretty much copied and pasted most of it from my other review. tongue.gif

So, before the show, I met up with Destynie and Erica was there too, she kept coming over and chatting with us and I didn't know it was her for about 20 minutes after I first talked to her, then it kinda hit me. lmao.gif We waited forever, and nobody came out. But we made friends with security and he ended up bringing us right to the front of the line to get into the venue when the doors were about to open. original.gif

When we got into Copps after buying Aaron's headshot, a shirt, pics of Tim for my friends and the tour book, we noticed that the section we were supposed to be in and our row and seats were all BEHIND the stage! :fear:We were originally in section 107 in the bowl, but now we would potentially be watching the concert from almost behind! fear2.gif We were starting to freak out so my mom went to the security and we asked her what was going on, and she explained that the stage had been moved forward, so it was beside/infront of our section. She said we had 2 choices: stay in our seats or be moved TO THE FLOOR. So we obviously chose to go to the floor, and we were given Row FF in the POD! Suddenly, we were on the floor, so close to the Idols, and I remembered that I could stand by the stage and be about 3 feet away from them when they came to our side! spaz.gif

So the show was awesome, I'm not gonna go into too much detail but I will post a ton of pics at the end. original.gif Basically, since I stood by the stage, Didi was waving and smiling at me a LOT,Andrew was good, Katie was freaking fierce and came over and sang half of the chorus of Fighter right to me, oh my gosh it was AMAZING. She was literally 2 feet from my face, singing her heart out. Tim was so amazing, he gave my side a few smiles while he was playing, Siobhan was epic and had so much energy.

But the best part was obviously AARON. OMG, the boy is PERFECTION. When he came out of the back, I was jumping around so much. I couldn’t believe he was actually right there. spaz.gif I was waving and singing and basically was a hyper spaz. lmao.gif I know he saw me waving because he kept looking over towards my side, and during Walking In Memphis, he came over to the side and sang to me. wub.gif spaz.gif spaz.gif His whole set was so high-energy and he worked the stage like a pro. heart.gif

The Climb was great, I got waves and smiles from pretty much everyone, especially Didi. tongue.gif She sang right to me and these 2 other girls a couple times too. We had the most energy and everything of the people on our side of the stage. original.gif

The last half of the show was okay, all of my favourites were in the first half. In the last group number, almost everyone waved to me, Katie gave me a huge smile, Tim pointed at me, I touched Andrew and Casey's hands when they leaned over to us, and Aaron gave me a big smile and wave. wub.gif

I went outside with this girl we met in the afternoon, Kat, and we met Destynie, who met up with our moms. We didn't wait too long before everyone was outside. They were all super nice but I'm going to focus on Aaron, Tim and Katie for the purpose of this review. lmao.gif

Katie was so sweet, we got a picture and she said she recognized me from the front. That's when I knew that I had a LOT of energy. lmao.gif My mom asked her if she knew Canada would be as hot as it was, and she was like "Oh my gosh no!I even packed my..." and just stopped midsentence. lmao.gif We're thinking she was about to say jacket. tongue.gif I really don't want to post my pic with her again because its really bad. lmao.gif


Tim came just before Aaron, and Destynie was freaking out. lmao.gif He signed my book and I told him I was a fan, and he was so nice and grateful for everything the fans were saying. We took our picture (which turned out really good!) and he took one with Kat too before making it to Destynie and taking her picture. And he was so hyper. Oh my gosh, he was jumping up on the barricade to reach the fans and was bouncing around everywhere. lmao.gif And this girl from farther up where he'd already signed asked for a hug, and then her friend wanted a hug, so Tim started running around and hugging EVERYBODY in sight that wanted a hug on our end. So I got a big hug from Tim huggy.gif and so did Destynie huggy.gif (pretty much made her life there. haha.gif) and Im pretty sure Kat did too. huggy.gif He was so nice and funny, just as awesome as I thought he would be.

IPB Image

After Tim's Hamilton Hugfest 2010 roll2.gif Aaron had almost made it! The only problem was, the people next to us would leave when they met Aaron, because he was last, and then other people would take their spot, so Aaron would meet them, and all of the people behind us took that spot and Aaron wasn't moving at all! fear2.gif I was getting so worried that he'd run out of time. Finally, the crowd died out and he moved on to me. spaz.gif He said hi and then I was like "I am so glad to finally meet you." And he was like "Awww! Thank you!" and reached out and gave me a big one-armed hug, because he was finishing signing my book. huggy.gif spaz.gif and then I asked for a picture and we took one, and then my mom fixed my bangs and was like "Take another one! Your hair was messed up!" and Aaron and I started laughing. lmao.gif So we took a second picture which turned out SO, SO much better, and then I asked for another hug and he gave me a big hug huggy.gif and thanked me again. heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif And then Kat gave him Sour Patch Kids and he was really excited. haha.gif He was like "YES! I love these!" lmao.gif And then he ALMOST ran out of time, but he got to Destynie and everything worked out alright. haha.gif

IPB Image

And that's pretty much it in a nutshell. lmao.gif

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post Jul 16th 2010, 10:11 AM

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post Jul 16th 2010, 10:36 AM
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Hahahahaha, Shannon. heart.gif

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