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> `~**`Adam's Pre-American Idol Thread`**~`, Life and Work before AI: Heavy dose of Talent and Fierceness!
post Apr 22nd 2010, 5:36 PM
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This thread is for celebrating the life, work, and career of Adam Lambert before American Idol for fans who love Pre-Idol Adam and for the new fans just discovering the awesomeness that is Adam. I saw someone still asking about the preIdol performances so this thread is a quick AdamLambert101. Post any PreIdol pic/interviews/etc.

A Full List of All downloads and links can be found in Madam's Treasure Chest of links:;#entry21400712

A Quick Must See for Newbies (in no particular order):

Adam at High School Graduation:

Adam at age 22 singing Brigadoon (not a recording, but a Live performance):

Adam in his Fierce Debut at the Zodiac Show singing A Change is gonna Come:

Adam at his Most Fierce! Singing Crawl Through Fire at the Zodiac Show. Must see to understand the "Flames Coming Out of my freaking Head" joke:

Adam in the SEXY Art4Life performance singing Crazy:

The infamous ":38 second video": Caution-may cause sweating, palpitations (The Citizen Vein era : Adam's rock band with Monte Pittman, his present guitarist)

Adam with Val Kilmer in the Ten Commandments: Amazing singing!

Adam at the Upright Cabaret singing Come Home (one example out of many):

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post Apr 22nd 2010, 5:36 PM

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post Apr 26th 2010, 1:19 AM
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Ok here we go! Starting from the Top...

Adam as a little Tyke

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"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert sat down with writer Fred Bronson for a wide-ranging interview. In Part One, Lambert talks about his early musical influences.

We know from watching "American Idol" that you were raised in San Diego, but where were your parents living when you were born?

I was born Jan. 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, Ind. I believe I was conceived on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I should have a little T-shirt that says, "Conceived in Puerto Rico." They had me about nine months after their wedding.

My parents moved me out of Indianapolis when I was about a year old. My mom and dad said: "This isn't the right fit for us. We want to go somewhere else." So a job opportunity opened up for [my dad] in San Diego and we moved.

Where in San Diego did you grow up?

North County, mostly. When we first moved out there, it was Rancho Bernardo and then we ended up moving when I was 4, maybe 5. Right around the time my brother was born, [we moved] to Rancho Peñasquitos, which is just inland of Del Mar, and that's where we settled.

What is your earliest memory of music?

My dad was a college DJ, so he had a really huge record collection and he is very proud of it. There was always music playing in the house, all vinyl. He was a Deadhead, so there was some Grateful Dead, which I never really got into. There was a lot of classic rock. Bob Dylan. Bob Marley was playing a lot. My dad has really good taste in music.

Do you remember playing his vinyl albums?

At some point later in my life he would let me touch the records. That was a big deal though because I didn't know what I was doing.

Where else did you hear music? Did you listen to the radio or shop at a local record store?

I never was a big radio listener, probably because my dad listened to his records. As I got older, I had a stereo and I had tapes. I was more into playing the tapes than the radio.

I remember going to the Warehouse and buying the two-for-one CDs. The first tape I remember having was Paula Abdul's "Shut Up and Dance" remixes tape, which I was very into. I remember having an Elvis karaoke tape.

And singing along to it?

Oh, yeah. This karaoke machine was really cool. I also had Wilson Phillips, Mariah Carey's "Emotions." These are my first CDs. I remember them quite clearly.

When did you realize you had musical talent?

At 10 years old, I was put into a musical theater company, a children's theater company. I was really creative early on and I think my parents were trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I had a lot of energy. I was hyper and they put me in indoor soccer and T-Ball and I didn't really love it. I was in the Cub Scouts at one point. They tried everything -- swimming lessons and other activities -- but I was very creative at home and wanted to play dress-up and make believe and recite things, so they figured that theater was a natural fit.

I got into all the musicals and the first time I realized [I had talent] I was doing a production of "Fiddler On the Roof" and there's this scene where this Russian guy has a featured solo in the "L'Chaim" number. It's like a bar scene. He's the big guy that holds the note forever. It's that big showoff moment, and I was playing that part.

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