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> My Concert recap 8/29/09
post Aug 30th 2009, 9:50 PM
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ahhhhh okay so i just got back from the concert! it was amazing to say the least!
Lets just say: I finally realized that Adam used to be my favorite, then it was Allison and and Adam, and now Allison is most definitely my favorite! I still love Adam as well, but instead of Adam being number 1, now Allison is my number 1 fav!

before: So, i was on the comp. trying to get good seats beforehand and I managed to get front row in the pod thing by the stage! ahh they were amazing seats! w00t!!!!!!! Anyway, I got there at like, 11:00 ish and Matt and Michael came out beforehand. I managed to get a pic. with Michael, but I couldn't get one with Matt b/c of the annoying ppl on either side of me. (the people on either side of me I had met at the concert last year, and the reason i was between them is b/c they both wanted pics with Kris, but they didn't want to stand next to each other so they could get it from farther away and not real close. and one of them was wearing a crown that said 21, b/c she had just turned 21 A COUPLE DAYS AGO! yet she was pretending like it was today to get the pic with Matt! then afterwards I hung out with one of them, b/c that's what I had done last year and the whole time she was complaining about how Kris didn't come out and how disappointed she was! i was like, it's not his job to come out! but she kept on complaining! ughh it was kinda annoying to say the least!)


Michael-Michael is amazing! he is really talented! He definitely should have placed higher than 10th! He got the crowd pumped! It was amazing!

Megan-ummm lets just say my opinion of her hasn't changed. She's a really nice girl, yet I still can't really stand her voice.... I will say though, that it was a better than what I expected. oo and her hair was kinda ugly, i'm not a big fan of her afro lol! and i did clap along to her set! (actually i did for everyone who asked! b/c it makes the concert even more fun!!)

Scott-I thought Scott was amazing! I loved all of his songs! I loved his jokes too! they were hilarious! (the high-five heard around the world and simon being mean! haha!)

Lil-I thought she was good, but she was kinda worse than I expected. My mom and I were talking about this during intermission (so i know it's not just me), but we both found her kind of hard to understand. i could understand her on the last two b/c i knew the songs, but the first one was kinda hard to understand.

Anoop-ahh Anoop was amazing as well! i love the quality to his voice! and hahah to his tweet about the arch being half of a mickey d's sign! hahah

Matt-Matt was really good! He was a lot better then on the show and my mom agreed with me! I loved his version of You Found Me so much better than the original version! Yet, at this point I was getting really impatient for Allison and I still had to wait through all of intermission!

1st Group Song/Medley-I thought it was good. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either!

Allison-AHHHHHH!!!! She was amazing! I loved So What, and Cry Baby, and Barracuda! her set is way to short! it feels like she just comes out, runs around and then goes away again! i was so glad i had front row! Her voice is amazing! and her hair was really red and soo cool! i loved it! esp. having front row seats while Allison was singing!!! (although while she was doing her thing where she announced the top 3, some people behind us booed Kris. I was like uh-oh...)

Danny-so i will say, he was a lot better than I thought he would be. I actually liked him during the concert! I'm still not a huge fan, but tonight was def. an improvement!

Adam-Adam was amazing as well! He sounded great on the first song, the second song his voice sounded kind of weird on for a little while at the beginning but then it got better. After Mad World there was Slow Ride! ahhhhhhh soooooo fun! people threw some things on stage, but they didn't really mess with them this time... which was kinda disappointing b/c I love when they play with them! hahah

Kris-was amazing! (only the stupid glamberts (yes i know i'm a glambert) were so annoying behind b/c they started booing! so i gave them the death glare three times! and then they started like shouting at me saying something that i didn't hear, so i turned around and ignored them. they didn't really boo again, they would say adam at random times, and they talked throughout his entire set (which was soooo annoying!).) anyway, back to Kris-he was great! i loved his set! i love heartless, and the rest of them!

Don't Stop Believing-It was great! i love the group songs! I do on the show as well (even if they're cheesy sometimes... lol!) Allison's part was definitely the best! but the rest were great too! and then Allison and Megan did the chest bump at the end as always!

After the concert:

ahh okay, where to start. so i knew that i wouldn't be late b/c they were coming out in the lobby and they had to let people leave as well, so they couldn't barricade it off. so, i got a spot and i probably should have gone to the back b/c they were making everyone else go to the back, yet they didn't say anything to me after i scooted back a couple of steps, so i got to stay where i was. Then the wait began.

Apparently the people in front of me were also really big fans of Allison, so i was like uh-oh... but they said i could squeeze in after they got their picture! since i was like second row at the barricades! well guess what?

THE FIRST PEOPLE OUT WERE MEGAN AND ALLLISON FREAKING IRAHETA!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! so Megan started on our side, and Allison started on the other. I just kind put out and Megan ended up signing it! She is soo sweet! then ALLISON GOT CLOSER! so, when she got to us i gave her what i had brought for her! (i had bought some hot cheetos in the vending machine at my school (yes i'm cheap haha and sorry Ithiel, I know that was kinda your thing but I knew she loved them so yeah!) and a small brown and black beanie baby cat that i had tied a mini stl. hat on to that had come off of a stl. style cupcake from a friends b-day party! lol) so i gave her the cheetos and she was like, "for me?" and got really excited! and then i asked for a picture and she posed for a picture! it was amazing! she was making one of her silly faces and biting on the bag of cheetos! but somehow i managed to cut off like all of my face, and you can only see like my nose and one eye! i was really disappointed! so i gave her the cat and she again asked if it was for her, and i was like yup! then i asked if i could have another picture b/c i got cut out and she was like yeah! so she posed for another picture! she is sooo nice! ahhhh i love her! Iíll try to get the pictures up as soon as I can! As for video, I got clips of slow ride, so what, a small one of Cry Baby, Donít Stop Believing, and maybe some Hey Jude. Iíll try to get them up as quickly as possible!

so, after that i was soo thrilled and really wouldn't have cared if anyone else came out, but ADAM CAME OUT! i got his autograph as well! and then the crowd loosened up! it was great! Matt came out again, Danny came out, and Scott came out! I got all of their autographs as well! Then they guy came out and said they were leaving so we left. The only ones that didn't come out at all were Kris, Lil, and Anoop. i think Lil's kids were there, b/c some small kids had gone down the ramp in the afternoon and someone said Kris had his wife there. I'm so glad they got to spend some time with their families!


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post Aug 30th 2009, 9:50 PM

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