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> "Unbroken" - Official Album Discussion, January 5th, 2010. Compiled info in here.
post Jul 31st 2009, 3:37 PM
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January 5, 2010 | Verve Forecast Records/ Universal Music


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Official Track List
  1. It’s Not Right [Lucie Silvas, Gary Go]
  2. Had It All [Kara DioGuardi, Mitch Allan, David Hodges]
  3. Keep Drivin’ [Katharine McPhee, Chris Tompkins, Rachel Yagmata]
  4. Last Letter [Katharine McPhee, Barry Dean, Luke Laird]
  5. Surrender [Katharine McPhee, Ingrid Michaelson, Marshall Altman]
  6. Terrified (with Jason Reeves) [Kara DioGuardi, Jason Reeves]
  7. How [Lucie Silvas, Mike Busbee, Alex James]
  8. Say Goodbye [Aimee Mayo, Troy Verges, Hillary Lindsey, Christopher Lindsey]
  9. Faultline [Lucie Silvas, Shridhar Solanki, Rachel Thibodeau]
  10. Anybody’s Heart [Katharine McPhee, Barry Dean, Luke Laird]
  11. Lifetime [Katharine McPhee, Kristian "Boots" Ottestad]
  12. Unbroken [Katharine McPhee, Paula Cole]
  13. Brand New Key [Melanie Safka]
Deluxe Edition DVD
  1. Making of 'Unbroken'
  2. Track-by-Track Video Commentary
  3. Making of the “Had It All” Music Video
  4. Photo Album
Unreleased Songs
  • "Catch Me If You Can"
  • "Dynamite"
  • "Every Time I Fall in Love"
  • "Hearts Breaking Up"
  • "Let You Go"
  • "Love's Not A Leaver"
  • "Parachute"
  • "Takes A Lot of Love"
  • "Why"
  • "You Still Do"
  • "What You Want & What You Get"
  • "Where Do I Go From Here?"
  • John Alagia [Production, Mixing]
  • Brian Scheuble [Mixing]
  • Andy Keathley [Audio Engineering]
  • Katharine McPhee ["Last Letter", "Lifetime", "Love's Not A Leaver", "Why", "Dynamite", "Anybody's Heart", "Catch Me If You Can", "Drown", "You Still Do", "Hearts Breaking Up", "Keep Drivin'", "Surrender", "Unbroken"]
  • Aimee Mayo ["Say Goodbye"]
  • Barry Dean ["Last Letter", "Dynamite", "Anybody's Heart"]
  • Blair Daly ["You Still Do"]
  • Christopher Lindsey ["Say Goodbye"]
  • Chris Tompkins ["Keep Drivin'"]
  • Daniel James ["Catch Me If You Can"]
  • David Hodges ["Had It All"]
  • Gary Go ["It's Not Right"]
  • Hilary Lindsey ["Say Goodbye"]
  • Ingrid Michaelson ["Surrender"]
  • James Alex ["How"]
  • Jason Reeves ["Drown", "Terrified"]
  • Jason Walker ["Let You Go"]
  • Jeffrey Cohen ["Catch Me If You Can"]
  • Jerry Flowers ["Hearts Breaking Up"]
  • John Kennedy ["Why"]
  • Kara DioGuardi ["Drown", "Had It All", "Terrified"]
  • Kristian "Boots" Ottestad ["Lifetime"]
  • Leah Haywood ["Catch Me If You Can"]
  • Lucie Silvas ["Faultline", "How", "It's Not Right"]
  • Luke Brown ["Hearts Breaking Up"]
  • Luke Laird ["Last Letter", "Dynamite", "Anybody's Heart"]
  • Marshall Altman ["Surrender"]
  • Melanie Safka ["Brand New Key"]
  • Mike Busbee ["How"]
  • Mitch Allan ["Had It All"]
  • Paula Cole ["Unbroken"]
  • Rachel Thibodeau ["Faultline"]
  • Rachel Yamagata ["Keep Drivin'"]
  • Richard Marx ["Love's Not A Leaver", "Where Do I Go From Here?"]
  • Roger Griggs ["Parachute"]
  • Shridhar Solanki ["Faultline"]
  • Trey Bruce ["Let You Go", "Love's Not A Leaver", "Parachute", "Where Do I Go From Here?"]
  • Troy Verges ["Say Goodbye", "You Still Do"]

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post Jul 31st 2009, 3:37 PM

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post Jul 31st 2009, 11:18 PM
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This is so exciting. I hope the album is of the best quality, and have some radio friendly tracks that could make her a mainstream superstar. wub.gif

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