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> The Katana Thread, Katie + Diana
post May 12th 2009, 12:01 AM
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Diana and Katie better known in IDF world as *Diana and Klynnxo 's own chat thread. Rocking out since 2009.

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post May 12th 2009, 12:01 AM

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Posts in this topic
*Diana   The Katana Thread   May 12th 2009, 12:01 AM
Klynnxo   Very much :shifty:   May 12th 2009, 12:10 AM
*Diana   I'm horrible :haha:   May 12th 2009, 12:12 AM
Klynnxo   No your not :hug: I love this thread <3   May 12th 2009, 12:26 AM
*Diana   <3   May 12th 2009, 7:31 AM
Klynnxo   :wub:   May 12th 2009, 11:42 AM
*Diana   Bestie. :w00twave:   May 12th 2009, 6:11 PM
Klynnxo   Hey Bestie! :w00twave: <3   May 12th 2009, 6:29 PM
*Diana   i love you! We need to be each other's #...   May 12th 2009, 6:47 PM
Klynnxo   I LOVE YOUUUU Oh yes :shifty:   May 12th 2009, 6:57 PM
*Diana   <3 <3 <3 You're Mine. :shifty:   May 12th 2009, 7:00 PM
Klynnxo   Your mine too :whistling: :shifty:   May 12th 2009, 7:13 PM
*Diana   :w00t: <3 :hug: I'm so worried over DWT...   May 12th 2009, 7:23 PM
Klynnxo   :hug: <3 I'm scared to watch it :'(...   May 12th 2009, 7:55 PM
*Diana   I almost started crying. :'( Thank god Meli...   May 12th 2009, 11:47 PM
Klynnxo   I'm so glad she is safe :wub: :wub: I like...   May 12th 2009, 11:52 PM
*Diana   She was about to cry. It broke my heart. :'( I...   May 13th 2009, 12:01 AM
Klynnxo   :hug: Melissa is very amazing :wub: Her dancing...   May 13th 2009, 12:15 AM
*Diana   Mel ftw. <3 I know. :omg: Plus she is so adora...   May 13th 2009, 12:19 AM
Klynnxo   B) I hope she winsss :wub: :wub: You are my w...   May 13th 2009, 12:21 AM
*Diana   AWW, Your my other half. <3 Not on? :fear: :(...   May 13th 2009, 12:25 AM
Klynnxo   :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: I will be on in the mo...   May 13th 2009, 12:25 AM
*Diana   :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:   May 13th 2009, 12:30 AM
Klynnxo   I love you forever bestie :wub: :wub:   May 13th 2009, 12:32 AM
*Diana   I'm sick. :'(   May 13th 2009, 1:43 PM
Klynnxo   :hug: <3 I'm going to eat dinner, brb ^...   May 13th 2009, 5:20 PM
*Diana   Come back :bye2:   May 13th 2009, 5:26 PM
Klynnxo   Back ^_^   May 13th 2009, 5:51 PM
*Diana   BESTIE. <3   May 13th 2009, 6:08 PM
Klynnxo   BESTIE :hug:   May 13th 2009, 6:11 PM
*Diana   My other half. <3 I LOVE YOU KATIE.   May 13th 2009, 6:32 PM
Klynnxo   I LOVE YOU DIANA :hug:   May 13th 2009, 6:41 PM
*Diana   :hug: I'm so excited for Summer. :w00t:   May 13th 2009, 6:45 PM
Klynnxo   Me too :w00t:   May 13th 2009, 6:55 PM
*Diana   I'm so bored. :( Text me. :wub:   May 13th 2009, 7:06 PM
Klynnxo   I am too. I did :wub: I got to by a new phone ca...   May 13th 2009, 7:18 PM
*Diana   That sucks. :( Almost one month till my birthda...   May 13th 2009, 7:39 PM
Klynnxo   Very much :( EEEEEE :w00t: :hug:   May 13th 2009, 7:40 PM
*Diana   I'm SOOOOO excited. :spaz:   May 13th 2009, 7:49 PM
Klynnxo   :w00t: :hug: <3 I love you bff   May 13th 2009, 8:00 PM
*Diana   :w00twave:   May 13th 2009, 8:29 PM
Klynnxo   :w00twave: :wub:   May 13th 2009, 8:35 PM
*Diana   I'm watching ANTM! Teyona. :spaz: <3   May 13th 2009, 8:40 PM
Klynnxo   I am so bad, I have not watched ANTM this season ...   May 13th 2009, 8:45 PM
*Diana   KRIS MADE THE FINALE. :spaz:   May 13th 2009, 9:31 PM
Klynnxo   I'M SO HAPPPPPYYYYYYY :spaz:   May 13th 2009, 9:39 PM
*Diana   Best Finale Ever. :wub: Kris ftw. <3 :spaz: Te...   May 13th 2009, 9:42 PM
Klynnxo   :hug: :yes: <3 I miss Allison and Derek :(   May 13th 2009, 9:46 PM
*Diana   Derek <3. I adore him and Shannon. :wub:   May 13th 2009, 9:53 PM
Klynnxo   They are the cutest :wub:   May 13th 2009, 10:09 PM
*Diana   :wub: :wub: :wub:   May 13th 2009, 10:14 PM
Klynnxo   I love you :wub:   May 13th 2009, 10:26 PM
*Diana   I love you, too. Forever. :wub:   May 13th 2009, 10:39 PM
Klynnxo   You are amazing <3   May 13th 2009, 10:42 PM
*Diana   You're my best friend. Aww. Shannon said Dere...   May 13th 2009, 10:59 PM
Klynnxo   You are my best friend <3 AWWWWWW :wub: I j...   May 13th 2009, 11:02 PM
*Diana   I am so happy and proud to be named that. :wub: Y...   May 13th 2009, 11:14 PM
Klynnxo   :wub: You are my world too. OMG i'm in :wub:...   May 13th 2009, 11:26 PM
*Diana   Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? :wub: Der...   May 13th 2009, 11:45 PM
Klynnxo   Very much :wub: UGH I can't text now cause ...   May 13th 2009, 11:48 PM
*Diana   I already miss you. :broken: Your phone = :fail: ...   May 13th 2009, 11:52 PM
Klynnxo   I miss you too :( Yep :| Is it David Cook? ...   May 13th 2009, 11:54 PM
*Diana   Depends are you get me Derek Hough for my birthday...   May 14th 2009, 12:01 AM
Klynnxo   Of course :shifty: Night love, I love you very mu...   May 14th 2009, 12:05 AM
*Diana   I'm getting you something really cool. <3 Y...   May 14th 2009, 12:07 AM
Klynnxo   :wub: You amaze me :wub:   May 14th 2009, 12:11 AM
*Diana   Aww. :wub: btw, When I graduate I want you ther...   May 14th 2009, 12:13 AM
Klynnxo   :hug: I will try to make it <3 :bleh:   May 14th 2009, 12:23 AM
*Diana http://i40.tiny...   May 14th 2009, 7:44 AM
Klynnxo   :wub: :wub: Love the pictures. *sigh* They are b...   May 14th 2009, 11:41 AM
*Diana   I know. The first one just proves to everyone how ...   May 14th 2009, 4:56 PM
Klynnxo   :w00twave:   May 14th 2009, 6:37 PM
*Diana   :w00twave: :w00twave: :w00twave:   May 14th 2009, 7:08 PM
Klynnxo   :wub: :wub:   May 14th 2009, 7:10 PM
*Diana   How are you? <3   May 14th 2009, 7:22 PM
Klynnxo   I'm good ^_^ How are you? :hug:   May 14th 2009, 7:30 PM
*Diana   Good. <3 And then a hero comes along with the ...   May 14th 2009, 7:35 PM
Klynnxo   :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: You make my day ...   May 14th 2009, 7:41 PM
*Diana   You make mine. <3 I love you so very much girl...   May 14th 2009, 8:00 PM
Klynnxo   :hug: I love you so very much too <3 <3   May 14th 2009, 8:19 PM
*Diana   fkWy4uE6X5A Derek is amazing. :haha: I LOVE YOU....   May 14th 2009, 8:23 PM
Klynnxo   Oh Derek :haha: I LOVE YOU <3   May 14th 2009, 8:57 PM
*Diana   Are you single? Laughs, looks over at Shannon, No....   May 14th 2009, 9:12 PM
Klynnxo   :lmao: <3 :wub: BFF   May 14th 2009, 9:14 PM
*Diana   I bet Shannon blushed, I would have. :haha: I hat...   May 14th 2009, 9:24 PM
Klynnxo   They are the cutest couple ever and they love each...   May 14th 2009, 9:45 PM
*Diana   At the end of the show, he went "Shannon come...   May 15th 2009, 8:39 AM
Klynnxo   :wub: :wub:   May 15th 2009, 9:09 AM
*Diana   yINzoWwwcBM :wub:   May 15th 2009, 4:23 PM
Klynnxo   Derek is looking good :omg: <3 So is Shannon...   May 15th 2009, 4:25 PM
*Diana   I love how he says her name twice. "Shannon,...   May 15th 2009, 4:32 PM
Klynnxo   I just love them <3 Love you too :wub:   May 15th 2009, 4:34 PM
*Diana   I got 98 percect on my food test. :spaz:   May 15th 2009, 4:37 PM
Klynnxo   :spaz: I'm proud of youuuuuuuu :spaz: :wub: ...   May 15th 2009, 4:43 PM
*Diana   I was so excited. :w00t: :wub:   May 15th 2009, 4:44 PM
Klynnxo   :hug: :hug: <3   May 15th 2009, 4:49 PM
*Diana   Thanks for being so supportvive. <3 :wub:   May 15th 2009, 5:11 PM
Klynnxo   Your welcome :hug: :wub: I love you :wub:   May 15th 2009, 5:17 PM
*Diana   :hug: :wub:   May 15th 2009, 5:24 PM
Klynnxo   You amaze me :wub:   May 15th 2009, 5:39 PM
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