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> Poll: What Days/Times You Prefer for Live Chats and Live Video feeds w/ Ramiele?, Poll: What Days/Times You Prefer for Live Chats and Live Video feeds w
post Feb 16th 2009, 12:43 AM
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In her latest post here this morning (Feb. 15, 2009) at, Ramiele wants to chat and do live video feeds with her fans:


I have been having complications on logging in, but thanks to Arlene and my dad I finally figured it out. So I arrived in California a couple of days ago. I am still so very jet lagged. Im not sure how to work the whole web cam thing but Im sure when I figure it out talking to you guys and hoping i can see your faces will be cool. Or just talk to you guys. Lets set a date shall we. I'll take your suggestions on when we can all chat and when its convenient for you. So Im ready to get back to work here in the states and ready for school. It will be hard juggling both but Im sure I can do it. Takes a lot of focus and motivation. So here we go guys Smiley

Im am so exhausted but its already morning. Man I think this is the worst I have ever had jet lag. tongue.gif
Let me know when and what time guys Im looking forward to it love you all and thank you for all your support, to all the philippines fans.

ALSO here is a blog I wrote to help you guys understand what was going on in the past couple of months, I tried to post a video but it never works.

Hatorade Smiley
So I have been receiving a lot of messages from a lot of concerned fans and a lot of HATERS tongue.gif You know what, I don't take offense to the fans who are messaging they're concerns due to the articles that are being brought up all of a sudden. To clear things up I made a video blog explaining a lot of what had been going on within the last 2 months of my stay in the Philippines. People are going to write negative things about me and say anything they feel and I cannot control them. What you should all know is that the recent article brought to my attention about me having a "bad attitude and me "ditching" engagements was written by our X representative. Someone my dad had trusted my career with. Sadly, due to him making promises to networks and projects on my behalf without even confronting or consulting with me first, I was forced to replace him with someone who treated me like a person and not an object. Somebody who saw where I wanted to go with my career and shared the same enthusiasm about my ideas/views. In doing so, I replaced him with my aunt who had experience in the business aspect of this industry. During that time the network was not informed that I had new representation because the previous representative (the same person who wrote the article probably out of revenge and anger), failed to compromise with my current representative in informing what those promises were that needed to be fulfilled. The networks were not informed to contact my aunt in order to inform the details of the previous engagements and the whole ordeal turned out to be a big, unfortunate problem.

On behalf of my party my aunt was very open to letting my previous representative know that she was willing to set up a meeting to discuss the proper details necessary to make the best decision. But the previous representative refused to fully inform her and declined the invitation. In turn, leaving my name to be ridiculed because of his impulsive decisions without my consent and no written agreements. Unfortunately, the network may have been left with a bitter taste in the mouth, but I was strictly protecting myself from being walked all over.

I do not need to defend myself against tabloids. I for one understand that people will write what they want, think and feel, but that is their own agenda. For people who have met and gotten to know me, you know that I am not a DIVA and from it. I am greatful for the opporunities and am open if they are presented to me. I appologize to anyone I have offended and I hope you are now fully informed in the proper manner.

As for my dad. We all know he is genuinely supportive of my career. However, he too was a victim of what had been written, because he trusted this person and was tricked into thinking his daughter would be placed in good hands.

Dont always believe what you read. KNOW the facts before passing judgement.

I love my fans. I met a lot of you during tour, a lot at the malls or places I eat and visit at. Personally, I enjoy taking a couple of minutes to get to know the person/people who have given their full support during the duration of my career thus far. You guys mean the world to me. Don't think I forget or had forgotten about you. I just needed time after the tour, after the holidays to think about what my next move was going to be, and how I could organize a trustworthy team to get across my views of how I want my career to handled.

I just thought you guys deserved to know the "truth" about what has been going on.

Till next time


god bless and i love you all


Please participate in the polling (Registration is Instant, no e-mail activation needed):

The live chats and live video feeds will be on

Thank you.


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post Feb 16th 2009, 12:43 AM

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