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> The New and Improved Spoiler Thread, Spoilers from 8/14
post Jul 10th 2007, 2:18 AM
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Because the other one was a mess.

Moderator Edit: The spoiler thread is reserved for spoilers. Not for discussion and bashing of another forum and its members. Here at IDF, we do not condone nor allow discrimination of any form, and many people proved tonight that they are not capable of ignoring whatever that is bothering them and retaliating. This behaviour is unacceptable and therefore action has been taken. This thread will suffice as what it should be - a thread telling people of spoilers. There is to be no discussion in this thread, whatsoever. This thread will remain locked and whenever new spoilers are ready to be edited in, they will be PMed to a moderator who will edit them into this post. Do not make another thread in anticipating spoilers or discussing the spoilers. There is absolutely no need in that. Discuss what you want in the SPOILER DISCUSSION thread. Don't make another thread. We are sorry to take such an extreme route but people should not have to read through 10 or more pages of arguing and pettiness in order to find spoilers when the thread is not called the "Spoiler Discussion" thread but rather the "Spoiler Thread." This is why this thread will remain locked. If you have any comments, questions or problems regarding this, please PM either *Wallace or wild.hope in a calm tone. Thank you.

Dan Karaty - third judge

Neil + Sabra - Hip-hop
shane sparks, song: Whine up by Kat Deluna, very good but the judges thought they weren't hitting it hard enough and they were light on their feet; they were expecting a better performance from them for the finale

Lacey + Danny - Viennese Waltz; Jean Marc, song: Avril Lavigne - keep holding on; during the intro clip there was a hilarious part where lacey had to duck her head underneath Danny's legs and she hits his "goodies"; dance had good technique and nigel asked lacey how much she was thinking about straightening her hand and she said shes been practicing with a popsicle stick.

Danny + Neil - Contemporary by Mia Michaels, two kings sitting in their thrones fighting till the end, one of the stand-outs of the night; all the jidges loved it; very masculine routine which impressed Nigel

Sabra + Lacey - Jazz, Wade Robson, Lacey: mama fox, Sabra: Baby fox; very peculiar, Nigel didn't understand the choreography and there wasn't much dancing that he could really critique; mary- thought it was bizarre; dan- enjoyed it

Lacey + Neil - Lindy Hop- very good; lots of tricks, lacey was hesitant at first but pulled it off in the end, very difficult routine but they committed and did well in the end. lots of energy. I thought it was awesome.

Danny + Sabra - Cha Cha; choreographed by Melanie (Pasha's dance partner for the cha cha); some technical difficulties but halfway through it they upped their energy and made the routine an excellent performance.

After that the top 8 came out and did an encore performance of the shane sparks hip hop routine from the top 8 results show and ryan cabrera performed "I Will Remember You" (which will both air on thursday).

Solos in order and with comments from judges:

1. Lacey - has come a long way. Very good partner but solos still aren't amazing. She shouldn't act as much in her solos because she talent and she should let it shine through.

2. Neil - Excellent blend of tricks and dancing. Judges thought he did a great job and has really improved since the beginning.

3. Danny - Amazing solo! Standing ovation from the crowd and judges. They loved him and were glad to see him in the top 4. Technician like his brother, Travis.

4. Sabra- Very good. Judges are still amazed at how much talent she has for only dancing for 4 short years. They applaud her ability to adapt to all types of dance.

Group Broadway. They all did great as a group and was a great number to start off the show. The judges said that at this point it is anybody's game and they would be happy to see any oone of them win.

At the end of the show Nigel said that the viewers should vote with the fact that "we" want a female winner this year.

That's it. Hope you like my spoiler. Enjoy the show on Wednesday.

OMG, I got back a couple of hours ago from the taping of the show.

I won't give anything away as I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it is a bit more exciting to see it in person then on tv.

The one thing I was unhappy about was that during the girls dance together, Mary was laughing so loudly while they were performing. Nigel was laughing too which I thought was so rude.

The girls had to keep their composure and continue on. Then at the end they both said they didn't get the dance and they couldn't really comment because they didn't like Wade's choreography.

I'd be mad if I had to sit there and hear those comments, particularly after watching them being so rude!
I bet they will edit that out of the show.

I can tell you that all solos were really good, they all stepped it up.

Jamie was sitting really close to me. She looked so cute!
Also, Heidi was there. I sat right behind all the choreographers.

It's a great show, don't miss it.


Sorry it's not detailed but I really wanted some element of surprise this week (plus I hate how spoilers have been coloring my expectations) so I asked her not to spoil anything too much beyond what I knew - I hope I haven't disappointed you guys. My friend is a casual viewer (she watches but doesn't vote or post) who happened to get tickets (I'm so jealous) so she didn't really go in with bias. However, she does know I love Danny so she may have been nicer about him because she likes me.

She thought it was a great night overall. Probably one of the best all season but maybe it's because the dances seem like they are more impressive in person, especially with all the energy in the studio. Everyone was well received but Neil clearly had the female (loudest) cheers. By the end, though, Danny seemed to have gained some fans (more on that later).


She said her favorite routine (as well as her companion's) was the contemporary. She said both Neil and Danny were awesome - it required a lot of athleticism, which they both had in spades. She said they were equally matched which made it a joy to watch; no one stole the other's thunder and they seemed to work well together. They both had on robes. So the opposite of the nakedness we seek. But it was killer - the best routine of the night for her.

Her least favorite was the jazz. She's never been a fan of Wade's choreography (too MJ, according to her) but beyond that, this was a little too weird for. Like the judges, she didn't get it (she said the same thing about Mia's routine last week if that reference helps. I asked her about the judges but she didn't really notice them laughing so who knows? She didn't hate the routine but she pretty much liked everything else so if she had to pick, this would be it.

She liked everything else. She said the VW was beautiful, the hip hop was really good (and she didn't notice the softness in their movements), the lindy hop was super energetic, and the cha cha was hot though Danny towered over Sabra, which was "interesting" to watch (also they clip before the dance was cute).

She loved the group Broadway and said everyone was excellent. No sore thumbs sticking out. She said it was a well choreographed routine.


This is where it gets interesting.

She said the pairings were probably even, in her mind - overall everyone was critiqued as much as praised; the critiques were soft across the board. Some quibbles over technique but overall, well received (except for the jazz). So she went in not really having a favorite and the pairing dances probably wouldn't have changed her mind (even though she loved the contemporary).

But the solos did help her. She said the guys had the better solos by a mile. Lacey and Sabra were really good (and she liked the song Lacey used), but Neil was amazing. The tricks he does look even better in person. And as for Danny, his solo was breathtaking. My friend sat near the families and apparently Travis (she thinks it was him - she watched season 2 minimally) started tearing after Danny's solo. In fact, a lot of people near her did. And it did indeed get a standing ovation from the judges as well as some of the other choreographers. It also got a standing ovation from her section. Whether they air it or not is a different story. But it was her favorite solo ever.

Leaving the show she became a Neil (!!) and Danny fan...she said she wasn't sure who would win/who to worry about but she liked the guys better so she was surprised to hear Nigel talk about a girl winning. She claimed if he wanted that, he shouldn't have complimented the boys or given them the contemporary routine.

So again sorry its not detailed - but we're all better off this way (yeah that doesn't sound all that convincing to me either).

Neil + Sabra - Hip-hop
Shane sparks, song: Whine up by Kat Deluna
I quite enjoyed this, the judges stated they thought it was too "bouncy" and not hard hitting enough, which I thought was crap, since the song is bouncy and it made sense for them to bounce. It was cute though, I enjoyed it. Really "fun" (the judges used that word a lot in the critique)

Lacey + Danny - Viennese Waltz
Jean Marc, song: Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
This was really beautiful. Danny is such a regal dancer that these types of ballroom really work for him. And Lacey was beautiful. Everyone loved it.

Danny + Neil - Contemporary by Mia Michaels
Probably the best pairing and performance of the entire night. I loved it - the concept was two princes, fighting for the throne. They had two thrones as props, and the guys were dressed up very regally. This was seriously an AWESOME dance.

Sabra + Lacey - Jazz by Wade Robson
We all know that Wade has interesting concepts, and while this one I thought was cute and I "got it" but the judges didn't. Wade wanted to explore the female relationship, so he gave them the concept of foxes - Lacey being the momma fox, and Sabra being the baby fox. It was very "zen" like in many ways. Like U had said before, Wade is probably too zen for most people. The dance itself was very nice, although it doesn't top the hummingbird/flower dance.

Lacey + Neil - Lindy Hop
First off, I loved the outfits. Secondly I thought it was cute. But they did a LOT of tricks, and my friend commented that Lacey looked really stiff. Probably because of all the tricks, because they were pretty crazy. But it was fun, everyone seemed to like it.

Danny + Sabra - Cha Cha;
choreographed by Melanie (Pasha's dance partner for the cha cha)
Judges thought the energy wasn't all there in the beginning but after a paticular part in the sequence, they all upped it. It was fun.


They all did well - everyone is seriously wonderful to see in person.

Group dances:

Top 4 - Broadway by Tyce Diorio
Really fun, lots of amazing energy - I loved it.

Special Guest Performance:

Ryan Cabrera - "I Will Remember You"
He looks SO DIFFERENT. But I really liked the song, the things they do to lighting really gives you chills in person.

I will note what I thought of each dancer after finally seeing them live.... there shouldn't be any spoilers here.

I have a lot more respect for her - Watching her in person is a lot more likable I think - much more endearing. And much more amazing to watch.

Defined and precise.

He's much more attractive in person ! Seriously has all the girls votes - especially the girls next to me, who I was ready to kill by the end of the taping. I liked him better in person too as a dancer. Everyone thinks that he's the one that's evolved the most.

Lacey's a beautiful girl, very sweet from what I've heard, but I don't know if she should win. She may. Great stage presence (I remember even from last year when she was in the audience and they did a mini-dance off - she was a great dancer) I did like her more after seeing her in person

Oh, and at one point near the end, all the dancers run up behind us in the rafters. The girls next to me were SCREAMING their heads off cause "NEIL WAS COMING UP!" And they "GOT TO TOUCH HIM!!!" I got to shake Sabra's hand - so sweet.


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