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> Signature & Avatar Rules
post Nov 5th 2003, 11:06 PM
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Signature & Avatar Rules

Please note that all of our Signature & Avatar Rules apply, whether images are uploaded to the forums or linked off your own web host. We do not allow offensive or inappropriate signature content. Failure to comply with our signature rules will result in your signature being removed without notice. Further warnings related to your signature will result in the suspension of your account.

Signature Rules
  • Max total signature area dimensions (includes both images and text): 500 pixels wide x 175 pixels tall
  • Max total images allowed (including blinkies/smilies/signs/sigx/etc.): 8 images max
  • Max combined file size of ALL images, blinkies, smilies, signs, etc.: 80 KiB (81,920 bytes)
  • No excessive animation or any use of Shockwave Flash (.swf) in signatures
  • No offensive or objectionable material in signatures
  • No advertising or linking to non-Neurox Media sites/forums allowed in images. You may only link to charitable, personal homepages, blogs, official sites (ie: or and non-profit websites (ie: fan sites) using text size=2 or smaller.
  • We do not allow linking in signatures to other forums that compete with any Neurox Media board.
Here's the maximum area that your ENTIRE signature should fit into:
Attached Image

Here are some examples of valid and conforming signature layouts (you don't have to follow these):
  • 2 images side-by-side. Each image: 250x175 in dimensions, 40KiB in file size each
    Total: 250 in image width X 2 images = 500 pixels wide, 2 images X 40KiB = 80KiB
  • 1 image @ 500x175 up to 80KiB
  • 1 image 500x150 up to 80KiB and 2 small lines of text under image, not exceeding 25 pixels in height
    Total: 2 lines of text, assuming 25 pixels in height + 150 pixels for sig image = 175 pixels tall
  • 1 image 500x160 60KiB, 4 blinkies side by side under main sig image (each @ 5KiB 125x15)
    Total: 160 pixels in sig image height + 15 blinkie image height = 175 pixels tall, 4 blinkies at 125 width each = 500 pixels wide, 4 blinkies X 5KiB each + 60KiB sig image = 80KiB total file size
  • Text-only signature not exceeding 500 pixels wide and 175 pixels tall
These new rules will go into effect on April 1st, 2005. We feel the new signature rules are much simpler to understand and offer a good balance by allowing artistic creativity of our members and constraints of Internet connection speeds.

Tips on Optimizing Image File Size
  • The file size limit of all images in your signature added up must not exceed 80 KiB or 81,920 bytes
  • You can find out the file size of your images by right-clicking on your current signature image and going to properties.
    • If it says "Not available", in IE, goto Tools, Options, click "Delete Files", then close ALL IE windows and check the filesize again.
  • Recommended: Check your image file size in Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder prior to uploading your image.
  • Here are a few ways to decrease and optimize your image size:
    • For photos or pictures with many colors (this is what most signature images will be like): Always use JPEG format with a compression level of 8 or higher (or quality level of 92 or lower depending on your graphics software)
    • Don't use PNG or GIF format unless the image has VERY FEW colors or if there are large parts with the exact same color (ie: screenshots are best in PNG or PNG-24)
    • Using PNG or GIF for photos will drastically increase file size. excl.gif PNG or GIF files should only be used for capturing screenshots in Windows or web pages, or very small icon-size images (usually under 32x32 pixels).
  • To optimize JPEG compression/quality in Photoshop (Requires ImageReady installed which comes with Photoshop):
    • File menu, Save for Web...
    • Under Preset:, choose JPEG High
    • In the Save For Web - Powered by ImageReady window, change to the 2-Up or Optimized tab (beside the Original tab)
    • The image file size is displayed at the bottom left corner of the window that says JPEG. Change the Quality to 92 and adjust it until the image quality is decent enough and the file size is well under 80 KiB.
  • To optimize JPEG compression/quality in PaintShop Pro:
    • File menu, Save As...
    • For File type: choose JPEG
    • Click Options button at bottom right corner of Save window
    • Click Run Optimizer... button
    • The before and after images are displayed. Change the compression to 8 and adjust it until the image quality is decent enough and the file size is well under 81,920 bytes.

Avatar Rules
  • Image dimensions must not exceed 100x100 pixels
  • No offensive or objectionable material allowed in avatars
  • Avatars should be no greater than 400 KiB
  • If sounds are used in your flash avatar, they may only play on click; no auto/mouseover sounds excl.gif
These rules are to make these boards a better place for everyone to visit. The forum moderators and administrators are on hand to answer your questions.

If you have any questions, please post a question in the Questions, Comments & Problems forum. We thank you all for your cooperation and continued support through our changes to keep these boards at its best.

-- Neurox Media Administration

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post Nov 5th 2003, 11:06 PM

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