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> Keeperships
post Feb 12th 2007, 9:56 PM
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Since the same member who started the fan club hasn't logged on, I decided to take over the Keeperships as well. If you had requested something before, and it wasn't added, I'm sorry but you'll have to request it again. Each person can only keep up to five things. flowers.gif

Constantine Maroulis Keeperships

::Body Parts::
Arms - taylorroxthehouse
Back - Constantinebabe
Butt - Luv4Constantine
Cheeks - Clayfan926
Chest Hair - KalanJacobholic
Chin - kaisey
Crotch - TalkOnCorners
Dimples - heart.gif
Ears - Rori
Eyes - Merrill
Feet - JonPeterLewisFan
Fingers - AiKeN4cLaY898
First Baby Tooth - *~Constantine~*
Heart - Megan_Michelle
Knees - Lilah
Left Hand - doremi
Legs - MaroulisLove
Lips - TalkOnCorners
"Microphone" - TheFutureStar_07
Neck - JonPeterLewisFan
Nose - LadyErin
Nose Hair - alby
Nipples - TheFutureStar_07
Ponytail - Stimulate
Right Hand - walkingkleenex
Rocker Hair - papilion78
Shadow - LostInADream
Sideburns - vlad1476
Soul - Stimulate
Stubble - Jaimery
Tears - Constantinebabe
Teeth - lovesick
Tiny Gap Between His Teeth - alby
Toenails - alby
Tongue - selphie086
Thighs - Shari79
Tummy - Hand

::Idol Audition Rounds::
Dance Routine in "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" - papilion78
DC Audition of "Cryin'" - John_&_Jon_Fan
Outfit During DC Audition - stellarstarlight
Performance of "The Letter" - sundayshivers
Solo in "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" - clayzy4clay04

::Idol Performances::
Performance of "Kiss From A Rose" - papilion78
Performance of "Hard To Handle" - sundayshivers
Performance of "Every Little She Does Is Magic" - steph*
Performance of "You've Made Me So Very Happy" - Clayfan926
Performance of "I Think I Love You" - shalowater
Performance of "I Can't Make You Love Me" - Jaimery
Performance of "My Funny Valentine" - steph*
Performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" - LadyErin
Performance of "Nights on Broadway" - ~Nsync!Claymate~
Performance of "How You Remind Me" - Kalans_Kewl08
Encore Performance of "How You Remind Me" - steph*
Performance in Beach Boys Medley (Finale) - lilah
Performance of "Walk This Way" (Finale) - steph*

::Idol Tour::
July 27: Washington, D.C. (MCI Center) - danceprincess
Aug. 8: Chicago (United Center) - Grecian_Beauty
Aug. 13: Grand Prairie, Texas (NOKIALive at Grand Prairie) - kaisey

::Clothes / Accessories / Makeup::
Belt (worn during How You Remind Me Performance) - AWorldOfViolets
Black Leather Jacket (worn during Hollywood elimination rounds) - shalowater
Black Stone Ring - GeorgeHuffFan
Blue Shirt (worn during Top 11 Repeat Show) - theahma
Blue Shirt (worn during You've Made Me So Very Happy Performance, Top 12) - RitaBanana
Blue Striped sheer shirt (worn on Top 9 results show 4/6/05) - ctidolfan
Cowboy Boots - theahma
Denim Jacket - weedskee
Eyeliner - ClayMate
Green Stone Ring - ctidolfan
Hair Highlights (Top 7) - ClayMate
Handcuffs on brown pants (worn during MTV Movie Awards Hollywood Buffet) - LaurieJ
Jacket (that he's always wearing) - TheFutureStar_07
Jeans (worn during You've Made Me So Very Happy Performance, Top 12) - CheshireSmile
Key Necklace - weedskee
Leather pants from Elimidate - GCEvilPrincess
Livestrong Bracelets - x0_ j0hnnydepp
Outfit for How You Remind Me Performance (Top 6) - JonPeterLewisFan
Outfit for My Funny Valentine Performance (Top 9) - Jaimery
Outfit for Nights on Broadway Performance (Top 7) - Clayfan926
Outfit from Top 11 Results Show - Love4 CU JS n MG
Pray For The Soul Of Betty Leather Jacket - kaisey
Red Calvin Klein Undies - LostInADream
Ripped Jeans - Mek87
Rose he wore as requested by the fans who sent them (during Top 7 Results) - papilion78
Scarf (worn during Kiss From a Rose Performance, Top 24) - demery
Scarf (worn during I Think I Love You Performance, Top 11) - ctidolfan
Shirt & Jacket (worn during I Can't Make You Love Me Performance, Top 10) - ctidolfan
Sneakers (worn during "I Think I Love You" Performance, Top 10) and intro to "Nights on Broadway" Performance, Top 7) - LaurieJ
Studded belt from Nights on Broadway Performance - AWorldOfViolets
Yellow Shirt (Worn During Top 20 Results, Semis) - Luv4Constantine
Zipper - Noga

::Personality / Attributes / Habits::
"Call Me" Gesture - Constantinebabe
Ability to make anything he sings sound sexy - connyrocks
Adorable dorkiness - luckily_charmed
Classiness - silly_rabbit
Dancing Ability - mielycabellie
Eye-****ing - Noga
****all Attitude - Noga
Greekness - casslovesclay
Hotness - sundayshivers
Jacket Flip - I_Luv_AJ_Melendez_102
Kicks - Noga
Kisses - ~Nsync!Claymate~
Laugh - Stimulate
Licks / licking - Noga
Lip Pout - kaisey
Love - xXFadesToBlackXx
Love for Rock & Roll - taylorroxthehouse
Prayer Hands Gesture After Each Performance - shalowater
Rock n Roll Style - BritneyIsMyIdol
'Rock on' hand gesture - Constantly Amaze
Rocker Screams - I_Luv_AJ_Melendez_102
Romantic/ Gentlemanly nature - ~Nsync!Claymate~
Saying "You know..." - con's crazy
Sex Appeal - shalowater
Sexy Combing of Hair - TalkOnCorners
Sexy Smile - taylorroxthehouse
Silly Faces - TalkOnCorners
Smile - Luv4Constantine
Smoldering Stare Into the Cameras During Performances - lilah
Talent - Delany.
The way he handles the mic stand - Rissa928
Thoughts - danceprincess
Vampirish looks - Shari79
Virginity - MaroulisLove
Voice - TR0_Tarver2
X-factor - shalowater

::Specific Actions ::
Belly Flash (during TOP 11 Results Show) - lovesick
Boxers Showing (during TOP 16 Results Show) - Morgan_Burke_Fan
Connie Twist - steph*
Elimidate Arm-kiss - mrazist
Eyes sparkling at the beginning of My Funny Valentine performance (Top 9) - mrazist
Exhausted look he gave the camera at the end of Nights on Broadway Performance - Mek87
Dancing to Bo's "Remedy" (during TOP 8 Results Show) - LilReina01
Dragging the Microphone in My Funny Valentine Performance - KellyC.Rocks!
"Flipping His Hair" in ELTSD (Top 16 Performance) - selphie086
Hair Flip in the beginning of "I Can't Make You Love Me" Performance - LadyErin
"Hard to Handle" Screams - Rissa928
Jumping during "I Think I Love You" - danceprincess
Kick during Group Performance, Top 10 Results - Jaimery
Kiss to the camera (us) on AI Finale Night - lilah
Lustful stare at Mikalah - JennaDayton4CI
"Oh!" at the beginning of "I Think I Love You" - b_fly26
"Out of the Box" Conversation with Carrie Underwood - CCFan
"Propsing" to Carrie - CCFan
Reaction when Paula said that she was falling in love with him (during Top 9 Judges' Comments) - constantraine
Sexy Wink After "You've Made Me So Very Happy" Performance - GeorgeHuffFan
Smile after singing "Is your figure less than Greek" from My Funny Valentine - LadyErin
Smile to the camera when Ryan said that's "Constant about Constantine" - constantraine
"The Adjustment" - OhConstantine
"The Fall" (after Finale) - vlad1476
Tongue gesture during Bohemian Rhapsody Performance - xXFadesToBlackXx
Tripping Over the Mic Stand (After TOP 16 Performance) - AJfanBelle

::Quotes ::
Saying "Damn, I hurt my butt." - silly_rabbit
Saying "... Getting my butt kicked by teachers that would make simon look like a smurf." - ClayNKellyFan919
Saying "Hopefully this will open a lot of doors for me and I won't have to go back to bartending, selling relestate or washing dishes." - ClayNKellyFan919
Saying "I love how everyone think's I'm metal" in aded Journalist Interview - Constantinebabe
Saying "I'm a Nice Greek Boy" - AJfanBelle
Saying "It was a good run. I had lots of fun. Now I'm rhyming!" (during Regis & Kelly interview) - LaurieJ
Saying "It's all good." - LaurieJ
Saying "Lets rock this thing!" at the beginning of Hard to Handle - Morgan_Burke_Fan
Saying "Look ma, I'm toilet-trianed! YAYYY! Give me a lollipop" from Elimidate - ~Nsync!Claymate~
Saying "Rock & Roll! What?!" in TOP 12 Video Montage - lovesick
Saying "Yes, I've embraced the fact that I'm a dork" in Jaded Journalist Interview - LadyErin

::Appearances & Interviews::
Appearance on Elimidate - STARJMR
Glass-breaking high note from Nickelodeon's U-Pick Live - LilReina01
Home on the Range performance on Nickelodeon - GeorgeHuffFan
Loveline Interview - LaurieJ
My Funny Valentine performance on Regis and Kelly - Sandraa82

::Pray For the Soul of Betty::
Album - papilion78
Bassist Taylor - Stimulate
Crotch Grab from the PFTSOB Album Release Party - Mek87
Drummer Hamboussi - Loe
Guitarist Joao Joya - LeatherJacket
Pray for the Soul of Betty - Idol_Freak
Sacrifice of His Band - Adam
'Cry' by PFTSOB - ClayNKellyFan919
'Drift' by PFTSOB - luckily_charmed
'Some of my F***** Up World' - LilAcorn07
'The Day' by PFTSOB - Constantly Amaze
'Truck Stop Sally' by PFTSOB - FabulousFantasia

Constantine/Carrie - CCFan
Constantine/Jessica - RitaBanana
Constantine and Nadia moments - weedskee
Constantine Slash Pairings - TheFutureStar_07

::Pre-Idol Projects::
'One Song Glory' from his RENT run - LilAcorn07
Performance of One Song Glory from Rent - NeWjErSeYcLaYmAtE919
Performance of Your Eyes from Rent - Constantinebabe
RENT run (as Roger) - sundayshivers

::Post-Idol Projects::
Video from the Killer Queen website - LilAcorn07
Bohemian Rhapsody (Killer Queen version) - LilAcorn07

70's look (From Top 7 Ford Clip) - kaisey
AI Audition Number (25483) - Jaimery
Apartment - JonPeterLewisFan
Athan - Stimulate
Baby Pic (shown during Top 8 Performance Show) - weedskee
Coffee Cup from GDNY - ConstantineFan7
Coke Bottle - constantraine
Constantine/Clay comparison - achin4aiken14322
Constantine Muppet (From TOP 10 Ford Clip) - ctidolfan
First Name - *~Constantine~*
Future Success - ~Nsync!Claymate~
Giant Spoon (From TOP 11 Ford Clip) - LostInADream
Intro video for Nights on Broadway Performance - LilReina01
Intro video for How You Remind Me Performance - LilReina01
Jaded Journalist Interview - LilAcorn07
Journey (Video from AI) - Dancer_In_Motion
Last Name - Megan_Michelle
Master Plan - sandrajumper
Mic when he performs - Rissa928
Microphone stand - daSakurai
Middle Name "James" - Dobro87
Stephano Popodopalous - kaisey
Wardrobe Malfunctions - con's crazy
Water Bottle (AI Finale) - ConstantineFan7
"We freak like that" line (From TOP 10 Ford Clip) - Mek87
Vote - Lipstick1

Todd (Klugarsh) - sundayshivers


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