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> The Danee Chat Thread
post Aug 9th 2006, 2:58 PM
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post Aug 9th 2006, 2:58 PM

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post Oct 22nd 2006, 8:11 AM
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1. They're available over the internet, but not in shops. Haha, and Anna, I just had to correct you: it's Scotland. Just one 't'. tongue.gif
2. Ahh, Grease! I love that song from that. Haha, weird sentence much? *Sings* We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong, remembered forever as shoobop shawadda wadda yippity boom de boom. Haha, my friend and I, a few years ago, went through a faze of constantly singing that.
3. Ugh, you guys have it easy! When I went camping for my Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, we all had to hike all day (throughout 3 days, if I'm taking the last hike as an example) and we had small 3-man tents with 4 people in them and to make it oh so much better, it was raining all throughout the last day. But I passed, so it was all good. Oh and Aimee, of course I've heard of Cedar Point! Being the big rollercoaster fan I am, I've heard of most theme parks throughout the world, haha. Well, the big ones anyway.
4. Of course, of course.
5. Dude, that was rude. I can't believe she just walked away and didn't even say bye or anything! Did you get a chance to talk to her after the PSAT?
6. Aww, I wish I volunteered at a place for little kids. I'm the opposite, really. I volunteer at an old veterans home that look after the veterans from the second world war. It's so much fun though! The people you get to talk to are really inspiring, but it's also sad, because some of them are really ill and stuff and it's sad to see them suffer.
7. I'll just agree anyway.
8. I think Anastacia is a lovelyyy name. Reminds me of the singer. yes.gif
9. I'll just pretend I know what you're talking about. The only hockey experience I have is playing it at school.
10. It's fun to play. I don't watch much hockey though... ice-hockey is good though. I've been to a ice-hockey match before. Was good.
11. I've got an Amazon ad for AI CDs.
12-18. I'll fill them out at some point... just not right now, lol.
19. Agreeeed.
20. I've got She's the Man, too. I heart it! I laugh so much throughout it.
21. I didn't know what they were either, but Aimee explained them to me. I'm kinda glad we don't have them here, lol.
22. It is indeed, that's gooood.
23. Anna, you should be proud of being smart! Don't hide it! As long as you don't act like a know-it-all (which you don't... at least, you don't on the net lol) then you should just act the way you really are.
24. Colouring books, oh how I used to love those things, lol.
25. Ohh, I wanna read the end! I loved One Small Smile.
26. Yeah. (Haha, totally didn't know what to say, so that's my witty answer).
27. Ayeeee.
28. Hot Little Rocket... cool name. Has a ring to it. Except I think Danee would be a much better name for your iPod. bleh.gif
29. Eee, Green Day are awesome. I've never seen them in concert though. Some friends of mine have though... lucky biatches lol.
30. Omg, Harry Potter is the most amazingest book series EVERRRRRRR. Haha. I seriously heart those books SO damn much. PoA was my favourite, but HBP is my favourite now, even though there were some things deeply saddening. sad.gif
31. I've got a habit of writing just random short stories and saving them but never letting anybody read them. No idea why really. It's like a hobby, just writing the stories, finishing them and then forgetting about them, lol.
32. Nooo, a lot of your smilie_gurl stories were good! They are what introduced me to your writing!
33. Thanks. I don't need any just now. I'll wait until I've got PSP again. And the next time I need a blend, I'll definitely ask you.
34. This has taken me quite a while because I got caught up in a conversation with my dad and brother which lasted a while.
35. I'm sure you've done much better than what you thought. original.gif
36. Yep, I agree. I don't mind staying up until 4 AM or later, I just hate having to get up at 4 AM or earlier.
37. Haha, yeah.
38. I'll have to start listening to Faber. They seem good, but I've never heard any of their songs. (At least, not to my knowledge).
39. Chinese Food!!! I love it! Do you know I've never had a fortune cookie? sad.gif My friend works in a Chinese though and she said she would bring me in some when we go back to school. Woohoo.


40. Tut tut, Anna. Cruelness to animals! Lol j/k. I do that to my dog all the time. What kind of dog do you have?

i heard you were a wild one.

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