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    • I really liked her too! Her performance always makes me smile. 😃
    • This is my ranking.   1- John Holiday _ My God!!! This was truly stunning. Since Jordan Smith this is the best audition that I've ever seen. It was Technical, Emotional, Creative and as Charlie Mason said an album-mix perfect. Also I loved that he hit that bass note near the end(I think it was a D2 or C2) and then again went up to soprano high head voice note(I think it was an A5 or B5) 2a- Sid Kingsley/Cami Clune/Jim Ranger _ These three were really amazing Cami was so emotional and she has that ethereal quality to her voice. Her vocals were strong and also fragile, her performance was so mesmerizing. Sid was stunning as well John nailed it when he said him a True Tenor 1. His vocals sounded spontaneous and in control. He is without a doubt this season's most interesting voice. Jim's start wasn't that impressive but as the song went he got better and better, he sang with more soul than grit and I love the raspiness of his voice and I LOVED when he started wailing towards the end. 2b- Ryan Gallagher _ He was so Good, I was like what is taking them so long his performance was Flawless. 3- Taryn Papa _ Even if I wanted more from her(I was waiting for that high note at the end) but it was still Amazing. She did really well. 4- Marisa Corvo _ OK this is an unpopular opinion but I really liked Marisa. I felt that and she has such a great stage presence and she sings with so much Power. 5- Tamara Jade _ Wasn't a fan of hers at first but after seeing her audition I was really impressed and also I take back my words she do sounds like Kymberli. 6- Ian Flanigan _ I really love his husky voice. I was surprised to see he that he only got a 1-chair turn. 7- Aaron Scott _ OK another unpopular opinion but I really liked his audition. He hit some great notes throughout his performance. 8- Eli Zamora _ Really liked his rendition. Even though I didn't understand a single word that he was saying but I felt it. 9- Payge Turner _ Her low note at the start was good but as the performance went her notes were getting thin especially those high notes.    These can sing well with great song choices but their auditions weren't that good. 10- Joseph Soul 11- Madeline Consoer 12- Liam St John 13- Chloe Hogan 14- Lauren Firhauf
    • They didn’t announce Alicia for season 14 until after blinds had started taping. I agree if it’s not announced it will get leaked though.    As @french20 said above, I think they didn’t want to step on the heels of the beginning of season 19 
    • Zan Fiskum - Light On - 79 Kailey Abel - Forever Young - 16
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