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> The Official Rock Star: INXS Audio Centre, Mp3's
post Aug 4th 2005, 12:53 AM
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A HUGE THANKS to istersay, and Bice-Girl for all their hard work and contribution in helping me to create and upload (and re-upload) a good portion of these mp3's over the past few months. Thanks also to everyone else that has helped contributed to the archive since the beginning (sorry, but due to technical difficulties, I've lost the list of all of the people who have helped - but you know who you are... and thank you!) Anyways, hopefully all goes well this time around so let's try this again...



Brandon Calhoon – Rock ‘N Roll All Nite
Dana Robbins – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Daphna Dove – One Way Or Another
Deanna Johnston – Piece Of My Heart
Heather Luttrell – Burning Down The House
JD Fortune – American Woman
Jessica Robinson – Celebrity Skin
Jordis Unga – Baba O’Riley
Marty Casey – You Really Got Me
MiG Ayesa – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Neal Carlson – Brown Sugar
Suzie McNeil - Remedy
Tara Slone – Middle Of The Road
Ty Taylor – Cult Of Personality
Wil Seabrook - Heroes


Brandon Calhoon – Hard To Handle
Daphna Dove – People Are Strange
Deanna Johnston – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Heather Luttrell – Somebody To Love
JD Fortune – California Dreamin’
Jessica Robinson – I Want You To Want Me
Jordis Unga – Heart-Shaped Box
Marty Casey – Take Me Out
MiG Ayesa – All Day And All Of The Night
Neal Carlson – Fortunate Son
Suzie McNeil – Call Me
Tara Slone – Take It Easy
Ty Taylor - Heartbreaker
Wil Seabrook – Right Here, Right Now


JD Fortune – California Dreamin’ (Encore)
Suzie McNeil – Never Tear Us Apart
Tara Slone – New Sensation
Wil Seabrook – Need You Tonight


Brandon Calhoon – Sweet Home Alabama
Daphna Dove – I Hate Myself For Loving You
Deanna Johnston – The One I Love
Heather Luttrell – It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll
JD Fortune – Hand In My Pocket
Jessica Robinson – Purple Haze
Jordis Unga – The Reason
Marty Casey – What I Like About You
MiG Ayesa – Walk This Way
Neal Carlson – Summer Of ‘69
Suzie McNeil – Roxanne
Tara Slone – Paranoid
Ty Taylor – Somebody Told Me


Jessica Robinson – Don’t Change
Neal Carlson – Suicide Blonde
Tara Slone - Mystify


Brandon Calhoon – Tempted
Daphna Dove – Rock The Casbah
Deanna Johnston – Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Heather Luttrell – Somebody To Love
JD Fortune – We Are The Champions
Jessica Robinson – Because The Night
Jordis Unga – Gimme Me Lovin’
Marty Casey – Lithium
MiG Ayesa – Lola
Suzie McNeil – Superstition
Tara Slone – Suffragette City
Ty Taylor – Everybody Hurts


Marty Casey - Lithium (Encore)
Daphna Dove – What You Need
Heather Luttrell – By My Side
Jessica Robinson – Elegantly Wasted


Brandon Calhoon – If You Could Only See
Deanna Johnston – I’m The Only One
JD Fortune – The Letter
Jessica Robinson – Blister In The Sun
Jordis Unga – The Man Who Sold The World
Marty Casey – With Arms Wide Open
MiG Ayesa – We Will Rock You
Suzie McNeil – Get Back
Tara Slone – Message In A Bottle
Ty Taylor – Everlong


Jordis Unga – The Man Who Sold The World (Encore)
Brandon Calhoon – Devil Inside
Tara Slone – Beautiful Girl
Ty Taylor - Kick


Brandon Calhoon – It’s All Over Now
Deanna Johnston – Long Train Running
JD Fortune – Crazy
Jessica Robinson – Come As You Are
Jordis Unga – Layla
Marty Casey – Mr. Brightside
MiG Ayesa – All Right Now
Suzie McNeil – Losing My Religion
Ty Taylor – No Woman, No Cry


Ty Taylor – No Woman, No Cry (Encore)
Brandon Calhoon – Don’t Lose Your Head
Jessica Robinson - Disappear
Suzie McNeil – Bitter Tears


Deanna Johnston – I Can’t Make You Love Me
JD Fortune – As Tears Go By
Jessica Robinson – Torn
Jordis Unga – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Marty Casey – Baby One More Time
MiG Ayesa – Baby I Love Your Way
Suzie McNeil – Bring It On Home To Me
Ty Taylor – Maggie May


MiG Ayesa with Marty Casey and Jordis Unga – Baby I Love Your Way (Encore)
Deanna Johnston – Never Tear Us Apart
Jessica Robinson - Mystify
Suzie McNeil – By My Side


Deanna Johnston – My Truth
JD Fortune – Cold As Ice
Jordis Unga – Dream On
Marty Casey – I Alone
MiG Ayesa – Do Or Die
Suzie McNeil – Start Me Up
Ty Taylor – Proud Mary


Suzie McNeil – Start Me Up (Encore)
Deanna Johnston – Elegantly Wasted
Marty Casey – Don’t Change
Ty Taylor – What You Need


JD Fortune – Suspicious Minds
Jordis Unga – Imagine
Marty Casey – Wish You Were Here
MiG Ayesa – Live And Let Die
Suzie McNeil – Bohemian Rhapsdy
Ty Taylor – You Can’t Always Get What You Want


Suzie McNeil – Bohemian Rhapsdy (Encore)
Marty Casey – Wish You Were Here (Encore)
JD Fortune – This Time
Jordis Unga – Listen Like Thieves
Ty Talyor - The One Thing


JD Fortune – Come As You Are
JD Fortune – Pretty Vegas
Jordis Unga – Try Not
Jordis Unga – We Are The Champions
Marty Casey – Everlong
Marty Casey – Trees
MiG Ayesa – Hard To Handle
MiG Ayesa – Home In Me
Suzie McNeil – I Can’t Make You Love Me
Suzie McNeil – Soul Life


JD Fortune – Pretty Vegas (Encore)
INXS with JD Fortune, Marty Casey, MiG Ayesa, Suzie McNeil and Jordis Unga – Us
JD Fortune - Mystify
Jordis Unga – Need You Tonight
Suzie McNeil – Never Tear Us Apart


JD Fortune – Money
JD Fortune – Pretty Vegas
Marty Casey - Creep
Marty Casey – Trees
MiG Ayesa – Kiss From A Rose
MiG Ayesa – Paint It Black
Suzie McNeil – Interstate Love Song
Suzie McNeil – What’s Up


JD Fortune – Pretty Vegas (Encore)
Marty Casey - Trees (Encore)
JD Fortune – By My Side
MiG Ayesa – What You Need
Suzie McNeil – Suicide Blonde


JD Fortune – What You Need
JD Fortune – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Marty Casey – Wish You Were Here
Marty Casey – Don’t Change
MiG Ayesa – Bohemian Rhapsody
INXS with JD Fortune (as new lead singer) - Easy, Easy



Rock Star: INXS Theme Song


Suzie McNeil – Need You Tonight
JD Fortune - Mystify
JD Fortune and Suzie McNeil – Never Tear Us Apart


Jordis Unga – Never Tear Us Apart
MiG Ayesa – Need You Tonight
Jordis Unga and MiG Ayesa – Never Tear Us Apart


JD Fortune – Pretty Vegas
JD Fortune - Mystify
Marty Casey - Trees
Marty Casey – Suicide Blonde
MiG Ayesa – Kiss From A Rose
MiG Ayesa – What You Need


JD Fortune – Rebel Yell
Marty Casey – What I Like About You
MiG Ayesa – Livin’ On A Prayer


Ty Taylor, Suzie McNeil, Deanna Johnston and MiG Ayesa – Stop, Go
Jordis Unga, Marty Casey and Jessica Robinson - Untitled
JD Fortune – Un-interrupted (Pretty Vegas)


JD Fortune - Us
Jordis Unga - Us
Marty Casey - Us
MiG Ayesa - Us
Suzie McNeil – Us
Ty Taylor – Us


Sirius Satellite INXS – After The Show Interview Aired Sept 26
Marty’s Radio Interview – Marty and Dino


The JD Fortune Collection
The Marty Casey Collection
The Suzie McNeil Collection
The Jordis Unga Collection
The Deanna Johnston Collection
The Jessica Robinson Collection
The Heather Luttrell Collection

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post Aug 4th 2005, 12:53 AM

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