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> Camile Keeperships, the original list
post Apr 28th 2004, 6:39 AM
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i'll do it baby

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From: HI / SoCal
Fav. AI3: Camile Velasco
Fav. AI4: Carrie Underwood
Fav. SYTYCD3: Lacey

Camile Forums Keeper List

heres how this works...if you want to be a keeper just say what you want (something thats not taken) and ill add you! as you can see, the keeperships are broken into categories so it should be easier to check for what is taken and what is not.
*note: i didnt add the ones that were double, and this is seperate from the official AI3 keepers list*

limit: none at the moment, just please dont get too carried away tongue.gif
Physical Traits
Jeff-her beauty
bassgiraffe-her smile
HulaHoney-her shaka
music_junkierules-the way she adjusts her pants backstage
FlipStyle1308-her wristband
taytay&torifan-her tears
jazzdance03-her hair
VivA La BaM 00-her hottness
RapierGigas-her close up smile
RaiperGigas-her rosy cheeks
xxANONYMOUSxx-her lips
journey2k4-her straightened, red-highlighted hairdo
Swt_Dreamer-her wavy hair
CaNaDiAn PiNoY-her purple hair
jasmille.rox-her baby eyes
homegrown_bliss-her toenails
poppin yo collah-her eyes
poppin yo collah-her 'bomb as hell' fingernails

Clothing/Outfits/Stuff She Wears
AJisacutie-her white outfit in one last cry
forever camile-her pants/hat at the KCA's
*ChAnTeLs#1FaN*-her wildcard results outfit
diana&camilefan-her beaded rasta bracelets
thatissodown-her Victora's Secret fetish
Babigirl1716-her green triangle earings from 'goobye yellow brick road'
SurfBrat-her shexay IHOP uniform
baalan-the way she wears her off-one-shoulder sweaters
ice_cage-her Victoria's Secret collection
ice_cage-her Hiero pin
prettycamile-her hoop earrings
I_lUv_CaMiLe-her green nailpolish

Emotional Traits/Mannerisms/skills/friendships
Kell-her way of touching people through her music
HulaHoney-her aloha spirit
NeRDyPuNK26-her filipina side
music_junkierules-her emotional-ness
lilaznkellfan-her down-to-earth personality
*3yez4Clay*-her sense of style
snog in the loo-her unique voice
dani_rox-her tears when she made the top 12
Joelle-her thinking simon is sexy
AJxTORIxTAYxFAN-her originality
krazy4Camile-her laugh
GVD808-her soul
Idol_Otaku-her snoring
SweetDanielleFan-her motions while she's singing
akafella-her humbleness
b_fly26-her lip-biting mannerism
b_fly26-her reaction to being beside Jennifer Love Hewitt
b_fly26-her thank-you prayer gesture
RaiperGigas-her cute giggle
YanniE-her originality
blueheavens-her raw talent
*ChAnTeLs#1FaN*-her closeness with Fantasia
diana&camilefan-her bond with Divina
thatissodawn-her love for Coke over Pepsi
nina017-her speaking voice
Swt_Dreamer-her blow kisses
Camile_Rox-her tears for Amy, Leah and Matt
jasmille.rox-her being proud of being a filipino
pipot-the way she shuts her eyes when she sings
pipot-her grinding at her nanay's grubshop
pipot-her ability to fuse filipino, hawaiian and american culture into her character
tin27-her adoration in lauryn hill
teebaby82-her ultra cool laid back vibe
monchi-her healing touch
Rose_218-her piano playing skills
Rose_218-her piano playing skills
Rose_218-her songwriting skills
Rose_218-her bonding with simon
fiery_raye-her being who she is
Dianamites-her friendship with Diana
Dianamites-her friendship with Jasmine
cmm-mms-her imperfections
HobbitPens-Her relationship with JPL
HobbitPens-Her kindness to fans
I_lUv_CaMiLe-kindness to me 7-29-04

Sayings and Quotes
exactly-her "a-i-i.....g-h-t"
Stephen-her harp analogy
isabel_d85-her 3 burps
*ChAnTeLs#1FaN*-her words to Jasmine when she got voted out
MegMysta77-her saying "malama na aina"
MegMysta77-her calling JJ the devil
poppin yo collah-her trademark saying, "baybee"
Babigirl1716-the long "be inspired" quote
Amy_Adams_Kicks-her changed lyrics to GYBR

HulaHoney-her "Camile at home" interview
kellySGfan-her "Ready or Not" audition
mitzimyra-her "One Last Cry" performance
shell-sea-her dances from the "our house" vid
Jordan_LookALike-her "son of a preacher man" performance
xxANONYMOUSxx-her drawing of JJ
forevercamile-her Track "Until you come back to me"
forevercamile-her encore performance of GYBR
johnNACU-her blue bikini shot in her package interview
journey2k4-her "Desperado" performance
diana&camilefan-her "For Once In My Life" performance
CaNaDiAn FaN-her part in the group performances
thatissodawn-the koala in her jacket during the encore video
MegMysta77-her family's gift to Ryan (Hawaiian Sun mac Nut candies)
Babigirl1716-her 'goobye yellow brick road' performance
kaleama-her song "Lovely Day"
em5-the eyeliner song
Dianamites-Keeper of Camile solo performance on the top 12 final medley
iluvjohnstevens-st. louis tour show performance
ClayDianaCamile-worcester massachusetts tour show performance
Amy_Adams_Kicks-the little way she imitates the instruments on the tour
HulaHoney-her 9-30-04 Hawaii tour show performance

Posessions and Such
uncreativename-her (camile)
aiken4john-her (camile) on tour
prouddanadian-her jumping castle
HOTLIKETABASCO-all her yellow-red-green things (besides the wristband)
Topacio0486-her keepers
Derek_KooL-her hand in marriage
SurfBrat-her sister Divina
Surfbrat-her nickname "Koy"
jasmille.rox-the plates she uses when she serves pancakes on IHOP
homegrown_bliss-her toothbrush
tin27-her name
tin27-her baby pictures
HobbitPens-Her autograph (including the inspirational things she writes)

This post has been edited by HulaHoney: Sep 29th 2004, 2:26 PM

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post Apr 28th 2004, 6:39 AM

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