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    • 2 notes (editing in case there's anything else lol) -Allegra Miles is likely in. Somebody messaged me this, but Allegra commented on one of Joanna's posts a few weeks ago, and Joanna commented "c u sooooon" Seems like a good indication of Allegra's shot. Additionally, I noticed she had a show on the 7th or 8th, but after that her posts were less frequent and a bit more vague. I'm gonna be highlighting Allegra Miles as "in". -Angelica Rios is also a contestant that based on Instagram activity, I assumed was a chair  - but never highlighted her because I didn't get a post from her that gave away her location leading up to battles. I still think she turned a chair, but based off of her post today - she's home. So if she did make it, then she lost her battle. I won't highlight her yet though since I'm just making a guess.
    • Ugh at those results.  It figures.
    • 1   Sydney Tormey & Paul Karmiryan - "All Stars" (Cha-Cha): 1 Lex Ishimoto & Gaby Diaz - "Red & Black (Rojo Y Negro)" (Argentine Tango):  Dassy Lee & Fik-Shun Stegall - "Radha Nachegi" (Bollywood):  Logan Hernandez & Allison Holker - "Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days" (Jive):  Kaylee Millis & Cyrus Spencer - "Less Talk, More Art" (Jazz): 1 Sydney Tormey & Paul Karmiryan - "Really? Yeah!" (Hip-Hop): 1 Taylor Sieve & Robert Roldan - "Bun Up the Dance" (Samba): 1 Top 8 - "Hey! Pachuco" (Jazz/Broadway): 1 Taylor Sieve & Robert Roldan - "Bodak Yellow" (Hip-Hop): 1 Kaylee Millis & Cyrus Spencer - "Respect" (Cha-Cha): 1 Logan Hernandez & Allison Holker - "Say You Won't Let Go" (Lyrical Hip-Hop): 1 Taylor Sieve & Lex Ishimoto - "An American in Paris" (Jazz):  Taylor Sieve & Robert Roldan - "To Make You Feel My Love" (Contemporary): 1 Lex Ishimoto & Gaby Diaz - "Chillando Goma" (Samba):  Kaylee Millis & Kiki Nyemchek - "Gallan Goodiyan" (Bollywood): 1   + Bodak Yellow + Say You Won't Let Go + To Make You Feel My Love + All Stars + Bun Up the Dance   ROUND RULES (Please copy with your vote): 5 votes per day, 1 hour apart. For this round, you can add to up to 5 routines at a time. When a routine has 5 points, write "5 (Moved On)" next to it. The last 7 routines left will be spared.
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