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    • IN BETWEEN ... 2.22.20    Hmmm, for the second day in a row, it's 7:30 AM and All Access still hasn't updated. ... I'll keep you posted!     *Pinned:  Overall, this week will probably look very similar to last week:  An A-lister (this time Luke Combs) will jump Scotty and Scotty will use 1 recurrency (Jon Pardi) to mitigate the jump.  Push... Of course, we can always hope that this is the week that Scotty will finally make a move on Ryan Hurd!   This Week's Comparatives: Mon/ Feb 10:  +8 Tues/ Feb 11:  -1 Wed/ Feb 12:  +21 Thurs/ Feb 13:  -6 Fri/ Feb 14:  -8 Sat/ Feb 15:  +4 Sun/ Feb 16:  -17   SPINCREASE Chart SCOTTY MCCREERY    In Between ... 215 move (+65)  //  291 stations (--) ... -- Scotty's 'leader' chart isn't available today.   Recurrencies Feb 23:  Jon Pardi Feb 20:  No recurrencies ... Perhaps an early drop by Garth/Dive Bar?! Feb 27:  Maren Morris     ------------------------- Music Video music video (released 6.20.19):  2,246,991 views    acoustic video (released 11.22.19):  260,085 views  ------------------------ Spotify  In Between --  20,772,707 streams ...  IB Acoustic --       448,381 streams  ----------------------- Pandora ... Feb 7 - Feb 14 1,236,286 streams (+1.1%)  // Total: 22,104,004 streams  Pandora's Top Spins Chart:  #42 all genre (LW #39) and #12 Country (LW #8)....            "Keeping it steady! This song continues to be among the most popular on Pandora 15 weeks in a row!!" -- Pandora ------------------------ iTunes In Between -- #171      --------------------------  Let's stay busy -- request, request request! ... (click arrow)   CMT Music 12 Pack -- VOTE!  Voting opens every Friday at 1 p.m. ET and closes the next Friday at 1 a.m. ET.... Vote as many times per day as you can! http://www.cmt.com/shows/cmt-music-12-pack-countdown/vote ... The voting page is back up! Scotty remained at #3 this past week.  Can we move him higher?   -------------------------- And just in case you missed it . . .       
    • Katherine Childs   @kathrn_childs     After seeing you live @ScottyMcCreery in Niagara Falls I love you and your band even more. Thanks for coming and I'll be seeing you again. #ScottyMcCreery    
    • Katherine Childs   @kathrn_childs   This is why I voted for @ScottyMcCreery on American Idol his stage show was spectacular. #countrymusic #live #band #concert #singersongwriter #ScottyMcCreery      
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