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Went to see @scottymccreery and @adamdoleac last night. Got to Mobile thinking the coolest part of the night would be just being there and hearing Scotty sing our song and we then spotted his bus and I was like dude we have got to take a pic with the bus and I was thinking that then was gonna be the best part of the night, then after the concert was over we went back over by the bus to see if we could just get a pic of from afar getting on the bus and ended up actually getting to meet him and taking a picture with him!! COOLEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!! I’m still in crazy starstruck shock mode! He’s such a cool sweet guy. He shook Ethan’s hand and did the whole bend down on my level to take a picture with me!!! Seriously best night ever! Thank you Scotty and Adam for such an awesome night! Thank you Scotty for taking a minute out of your time just to meet and take a picture with 2 of your biggest fans! Thank you to my awesome boyfriend for coming to experience this with me and shoutout to the best momma in law for getting us the tickets for the best night of our lives @kristen_ganey !!! Definitely a night I’ll never ever forget! 💜❤️

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