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  2. Cutting Vincent Powell "Cause I Love You" Burnell Taylor "I'm Here"
  3. That didn't sound good but I thought Kaitlyn sounded a tad better.
  4. seriously this is a pretty stunningly tone deaf move by the producers (also Parker was after all the steals were gone, that's why Carson didn't say she is available to steal)
  5. Berritt being montaged makes sense from what we heard.
  6. Shame TCS vs. Parker filmed after steals were gone. Kaitlyn won in-app by half a big tick or so, so naturally Berritt moves on.
  7. Berritt Haynes vs Kaitlyn Velez - montage - singing Yellow - he picks Berritt
  8. Parker and The Cunninghams both definitely improved from blinds.
  9. uh i need to know what parker would have sung for her knockout
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