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  2. Opening up 2nd claims now. Remember, there is a 2 claim maximum per couple.
  3. Also the save I would have made but it sucks
  4. Carrie is up for 2 ACM awards; Entertainer of the Year Female Artist of the Year
  5. Danielle Reyes UGH this cut really sucks, as Danielle and Cirie are two of the greatest contestants to come from the three CBS RTV shows, but I'm just feeling like a Cirie save is the way to go at the moment, so sadly Danielle is being cut which is awful because she deserves so much more but it's blatantly clear what the agenda of *certain* rankers is. I fully expect Cirie and all the others saved this round cut soon as a result. At least I can ensure that Danielle gets a good write-up instead of a "well, it's 100 words and paraphrased from the wiki LOL" write-up. Danielle first competed as a houseguest on Big Brother 3, where she cemented herself as a Big Brother legend. One of the greatest seasons ever, and Danielle is a HUGE reason why. Week 1, she already showed how great of a houseguest she would be by getting into the iconic hand washing fight with Lori when Jerry didn't wash his hands. Such a random thing to get into a fight over, but such a hilarious moment. Then, there was Danielle's confessionals. Ultimately the reason for her not winning because the jury got to see them and what caused the sequestered jury to be a thing from season 4 onwards, Danielle's confessionals where she made fun of the other contestants were hilarious and her "# down, # to go" confessionals were fantastic as well. Let's not forget about Danielle, the strategist. Her & Jason are one of my favorite big brother alliances and the way they ran the house was pretty incredible to watch. My favorite moment of Danielle's is when it was a split vote between Amy and Marcellas and Danielle chose to evict Marcellas, knowing he was a bigger threat than Amy. Everyone's reactions to that as well as the infamous refusal to use the veto by Marcellas just added to the iconic-ness of that moment. Danielle's feud with Roddy was a great part of the season as well. I was obviously Team Dani, but what would a good season be without a season-long feud? Sadly, Danielle lost her rightful win because the jury was allowed to see things they really shouldn't have. But that wouldn't be the end of Danielle, she returned for the show's all-stars season and was just as iconic. Here, she teamed up with Chilltown and eventually James to get rid of the Season 6 alliance, but specifically Janelle - who turned into a Com Queen that season, so Danielle's efforts to get rid of her were thwarted literally every time. Danielle won the spider web endurance comp. She hilariously commented how bad her alliance was at the first "how bad do you want it?" veto comp. Her and the Legion of Doom were great adversaries to Janelle during the season and made all-stars really good. Maybe not top-tier considering the ending, but a really good season overall. All in all, Danielle is a legend of CBS RTV which makes this cut so painful. Sadly, this is not her first time being nominated (nor is it Cirie's) so it's clear she's not long for this rankdown. Might as well send her out with a great write-up while I can instead of letting someone who doesn't care for her give her a horrible write-up somewhere down the road. I'm going to end with clips of Danielle's time on both of her seasons, as some clearly need a reminder of just how amazing she is. SAVING: Cirie Fields
  6. I am at work but you know what I will do when I get home!
  7. I hate the majority of C5’s photoshoots. Country Couture was great but outside of that...?
  8. @*Chris the weddings are up!!!
  9. We certainly will NEVER be worthy! But we must thank our royal highness of allowing us to hear her magic. All hail the Queen!
  10. Loving the music video - it's super iconic. I knew as soon as it started who "the man" was!
  11. Parvati (=) Sophie (=) Sandra (=) Yul (+1) Michele (+1) - finally started to shine Natalie (+2) - she's killing it Tony (+10) - see Sarah Sarah (+10) - I actually enjoyed her and Tony, this episode Ethan (-5) - Was rooting for him but ugh. Nick (-2) Jeremy (=) Denise (-2) Amber (+3) Ben (+6) - he's growing on me Danni (-8) - was kinda MIA hence why she's here. Rob (-1) Kim (-5) - where were you? Adam (-5) - you're overplaying Tyson (-5) - nothing too special atm, but still a threat to win Wendell (-1) - I forget that he's on this season
  12. She’s actually growing on me now but too many others I like more
  13. the potential of having both banana and taco make it through next week is making me ill
  14. Today
  15. Can we also talk about how they had some famous photographer for this shoot but all the photos are super tacky? Like, bad photoshops with horrible picture frame added on and the product is tiny in the corner and has nothing to do with the concept.
  16. I agree about all of this. I've been on Sarah Hyland since last week and I still believe its her. Lucy makes sense but knowing her singing voice & her country songs, she doesn't really sound like that yesterday - unless she played a trick on us.
  17. 1. Nik 2. Nicole 3. Lisa 4. Bre 5. Jayla
  18. Not surprise because you do not own FX nor Netflix
  19. I figured I should be the one to start this thread. :giggle: Anyway, the queen of the 90s alternative female singer-songwriter movement is releasing her newest album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, in May and has already put out two songs from it! The music video for first single, Reasons I Drink, came out today.
  20. 2 Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev - “Live and Let Die” (Paso Doble): 11 Pixie Lott & Trent Whiddon - “I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)” (Samba): 49 + Pixie & Trent
  21. 2 Hélio Castroneves & Julianne Hough - 19 Mel B & Maks Chmerkovskiy - 31 Marie Osmond & Jonathan Roberts - 5 Jennie Garth & Derek Hough - 18 Cameron Mathison & Edyta Sliwinska - 14 Jane Seymour & Tony Dovolani - 6 Sabrina Bryan & Mark Ballas - 24 Albert Reed & Anna Trebunskaya - 3 + Sabrina & Mark - Albert & Anna
  22. 2 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough - "La Cumparsita" (Argentine Tango): 40 Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer - "Good Golly, Miss Molly" (Jive): 4 Brandy & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "Taquito Militar" (Argentine Tango): 81 + Brandy & Maks Argentine Tango - Jennifer & Derek Argentine Tango
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