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  2. Corey Ward - Bruises 6 Gihanna Zoe - Always Remember Us This Way 7 Zae Romeo - When I Look at You 5 Kenzie Wheeler - Red Dirt Road 5 Ryleigh Modig - drivers license 6 Zania Alake - Dangerous Woman 5 Pia Renee - Need U Bad 7 Victor Solomon - I Wish 7 Dana Monique - Free Your Mind 8 Andrew Marshall - Put Your Records On 6 Jose Figueroa Jr - Talking to the Moon 5 Devan Blake Jones - Shape of My Heart 5 Rachel Mac - Rainbow 8 Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman 5 Anna Grace - Let Her Go 7 Pete Mroz - We Belong 6
  3. I think Jordan will get the save over Anna/Pete and Pete will go fo the WC
  4. 1. Dana Monique - Free Your Mind 2. Rachel Mac - Rainbow 3. Gihanna Zoe - Always Remember Us This Way 4. Victor Solomon - I Wish 5. Anna Grace - Let Her Go 6. Pia Renee - Need U Bad 7. Cam Anthony - Take Me to Church 8. Ryleigh Modig - drivers license 9. Corey Ward - Bruises 10. Andrew Marshall - Put Your Records On 11. Pete Mroz - We Belong 12. Devan Blake Jones - Shape of My Heart 13. Zae Romeo - When I Look at You 14. Kenzie Wheeler - Red Dirt Road 15. Jose Figueroa Jr - Talking to the Moon 16. Jordan Matthew Young
  5. 337 NEW Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman (The Voice Performance) 371 NEW Pete Mroz - We Belong (The Voice Performance) 419 NEW Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church (The Voice Performance) 467 NEW Corey Ward - Bruises (The Voice Performance) 765 NEW Anna Grace - Let Her Go (The Voice Performance) 1034 NEW Ryleigh Modig - drivers license (
  6. Yeah, but I think there’s a chance John saves Pia if Victor gets PV. My ideal scenario would be Ryleigh getting PV and Pia getting saved (Zania ) but I think that Victor is the only one we can be 100% is moving on. Hopefully Ryleigh gets PV to shake things up, and because between Ryleigh and Victor I think she’d be more deserving to move on that way. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Pia, because I had counted her as instantly eliminated and now she’ll probably be singing for WC at least
  7. Coin flip. I’m leaning Ryleigh because of the oversaturation of R&B artists on John’s team. She’s the only non-R&B option, and her performance was good enough.
  8. I liked Pia the most out of Team Legend, but I still think she could be DOA. Ryleigh now has a chance at PV, and if she gets it, there's no way John is not saving Victor. He's clearly his favorite.
  9. Right now, Ryleigh seems to have it. But Victor might still have stealth casual support out there.
  10. It would have been a good chance to bring back his guitar. It certainly would have been better than what he did tonight.
  11. I think she should save him. Last time Blake played it strategically and didn't pay off.
  12. Anyone checking out Facebook, how is John’s battle for PV going? What do the Ryleigh vs Victor insights tell us? I’m genuinely gagging at the fact Ryleigh was able to pull through (she killed that) and now has a shot at PV. I’m even more gagged at the fact that both Ryleigh and Pia gave arguably the strongest performances from Team Legend and those were the ones people predicted were DOA lol.
  13. Now that Cam closed, Kenzie is most likely to close the Top 9, and he's probably getting a ballad now.
  14. Everyone's on YouTube right now except for Pia and Pete. What's going on?
  15. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - (6) Lily, Victoria, Gigi, Derek, Priscilla, Steven Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (2) Sola, JC Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (9) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Kaley, Andy Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (6) Crisis, Nico, Gigi, Wallace, JC, Priscilla Katharine McPhee "Think" - (7) Chris, Diana, Sola, Steven, Gigi, JC, Wallace Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Back
  16. Yep. Kenzie and Cam are locks for PV. The other two are up in the air still.
  17. I just realized, all those times that Rachel was saying she wanted to bring light to people with her song, it wasn't just metaphorical. It was literal too, because Rainbows are just the refraction of light! Quite the sly hint, if that was purposeful. She really is such a light! She clearly understands the song and emoted it well, and she just seems like such a good human being, too.
  18. He could, but several people think that strategically, Kelly should save Gihanna instead and let Corey go into the Wildcard since he's more likely to win it than Gihanna would be.
  19. Closing the show pretty much guarantees a PV from what we've seen. I'd love for Jordan to pull off a Kroeze even though I love Cam, but its unlikely. Should be interesting to see who Blake saves though. I personally didnt really see any favoritism shown for none of Jordan,Anna or Pete.
  20. I’m not usually #TeamSausage, but those are the contestants I like the best this season. It is what it is.
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