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  2. Of course those were the ones I liked... Off-topic but I haven’t followed Morgan much post show. I wonder how she’s holding up.
  3. Sure, I’m just saying that if Pete gets the PV it would be easier for him, because he wouldn’t have to worry about being accused of favoritism. He already said Kenzie will win the show on air, so maybe he doesn’t care whether Cam gets through via PV or CS. Blake tends to have a lot of respect for those who’ve “paid their dues” in Nashville, except for Taryn and Morgan Frazier. Yes, this seems to apply to males more than females. We don’t know much about his history with Pete, other than what was said on air. Maybe Blake feels like he owes Pete something.
  4. Cutting: Paris Bennett - “Kiss” Elliott Yamin - “Open Arms”
  5. drdeb

    "YOU TIME"

    YOU TIME / 5.8.2021 MEDIABASE Hmm, this morning Scotty posted only his 2nd day-over-day spin loss for the week. And to add insult to injury, Brown flexed his chart muscle abit with big time spin and AI increases... What does this mean for tomorrow? Hard to say. Both Scotty and Brown will face tough comparatives -- Scotty/+67 and Brown/+79. And at least for the moment, both Barrett and Young appear headed for recurrency. ... Bonus: Scotty should get a 'syndicated' boost overnight from Audacy (see below). CRYSTAL BALL for tomorrow evening: Best-case scenario:
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  7. Battles end in 5 hours! This is your last chance to vote for the winners https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sUyghPRwBXSqYCPT3yuOi9PTUuyyavS9GLoCdQBjjP8/viewform?edit_requested=true
  8. From what I saw (and I admit it was limited), people were mad at Blake, not Jordan.
  9. Pete has already gained by being on the show. Also, knowing Blake, he'll take Pete on tour or help him in other ways in the music world.
  10. Added. In my opinion, she hasn't delivered a bad performance yet, so hopefully it stays that way.
  11. has she had one bad performance people say last week was bad but i thought it was emotional amazing everything the song needed to be
  12. Colleen Whitney @colleenyw · 6h @ScottyMcCreery You Time #3 on tonight’s Hot9at9 Thanks for voting & thanks @IndianaAL @KRTY !
  13. 1. Eugena 2. Angelea 3. Chantelle 4. Elyse 5. Amanda 6. Fatima 7. Furonda 8. Kristin 9. Isis 10. Catherine 11. Leslie 12. Shandi 13. Liberty 14. Robin
  14. I think he’s chummier with men close to his age and that makes sense......heck half the time he’s friendly to a white female (who isn’t a teenager) it turns into tabloid gossip. Same thing happened to Adam (Mary Sarah and Amy V are prime examples) As to his preferences, I’m not sure I agree. With the paucity of female country singers on the show, adult men tend to be his strongest contestants. I think he was definitely happy to work with Toneisha, he clearly liked wtw until they folded live, and he’s basically set Cam up in every round with relatively weak opponents. For
  15. I'm sure she'll make you like it.
  16. @Idol Maniac Add Me. The dude is insanely talented. Beautiful tone as well.
  17. another rehearsal hint. hoping we are in fact getting new music and will be performing at the Billboard Awards on May 23rd as alot have speculated.
  18. I think know the guys will leave the girls can not leave just yet they both deserve to be tin the top 3
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