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  2. Yeah I don't see him pulling a Sam either, but it will be interesting to see how he progresses and what songs he will sing
  3. I'm not so shocked that Toneisha got 2nd place, I've expected Thunderstorm to place higher lol but good for her. Anyways guys, do anyone of you know how to delete attachments? My memory in attachments is really full rn and it would help if anybody can answer me
  4. I thought I had seen guy's chair lit up but you're right my bad
  5. I think the difference is that President Trump repeatedly criticized him over and over for the very same behavior and vowed not to do it. In isolation, it doesn't mean a whole lot. Just that he's a hypocrite really.
  6. drdeb


    IN BETWEEN ... 5.26.20 2 1 Up this week LUKE COMBS Does To Me f/Eric Church 8835 8235 600 51.868 3 2 Up this week TRAVIS DENNING After A Few 7836 7486 350 47.764 1 3 MORGAN WALLEN Chasin' You 7934 8993 -1059 50.378 ... dropping toward recurrency on June 7! 6 4 Up this week CARLY PEARCE & LEE BRICE I Hope You're Happy Now 6959 6739 220 41.358 4 5 THOMAS RHETT Beer Can't Fix f/Jon Pardi 6497 7169 -672 41.992 ... dropping toward recurrency this coming Sunday (May 31)! 8 6 Up this week KENNY CHESNEY Here And Now 6065 5529 536 35.72 ... +81 spins/ +.655 AI 7 7 Up this week SCOTTY MCCREERY In Between 5774 5723 51 34.182 ... +27 spins/ +.107 AI 9 8 Up this week SAM HUNT Hard To Forget 5109 4720 389 29.424 ... +63 spins/ +.359 AI -- Sam's on the move 11 9 Up this week MIRANDA LAMBERT Bluebird 4665 4247 418 25.348 ... +7 spins/ +.087 AI 10 10 Up this week CARRIE UNDERWOOD Drinking Alone 4493 4427 66 24.724 ... -2 spins/ +.148 AI ------------------------ 12 11 Up this week LOCASH One Big Country Song 4473 4301 172 23.988 13 12 Up this week KEITH URBAN God Whispered Your Name 4388 4346 42 23.988 14 13 Up this week FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE I Love My Country 4047 3973 74 23.298 18 14 Up this week LUKE BRYAN One Margarita 3998 3484 514 24.018 15 15 Up this week JUSTIN MOORE Why We Drink 4107 3906 201 22.789 16 16 Up this week MADDIE & TAE Die From A Broken Heart 4086 3815 271 21.24 19 17 Up this week CHRIS JANSON Done 3905 3555 350 22.306 17 18 ERIC CHURCH Monsters 3810 3818 -8 20.802 21 19 Up this week THOMAS RHETT Be A Light f/McEntire, Scott.. 3250 2885 365 18.467 22 20 Up this week ASHLEY MCBRYDE One Night Standards 2745 2728 17 13.698 Against a much smaller comparative (+20), Scotty posted solid increases this morning -- better than Miranda and Carrie but not as good as Sam! Again, this is going to be a tell-tale week. Scotty must forestall a jump by Hunt so that he can move UP to #6 after TR either drops early this week or goes recurrent on Sunday! He also needs to hope that Combs drops out of the top spot after ONE week vs two. *Pinned: Reminder: Scotty's already accomplished his key goal for IB -- Top 10 (the line of demarcation between a HIT and a miss). Everything from this point is gravy -- and a means of keeping IB on the chart long enough to make certain that it earns the RIAA-equivalent units necessary to 'sell' GOLD!!! SPINCREASE chart Dropped off the chart today; fingers crossed that he'll be back tomorrow! ...And KKBQ Houston isn't helping! This Week's Comparatives: Mon: +129 Tues: +20 Wed: +3 Thurs: +25 Fri: -6 Sat: -15 Sun: +48 Recurrencies May 31: Thomas Rhett June 7: Morgan Wallen June 14: ------------------------- Music Video music video (released 6.20.19): 2,839,482 views acoustic video (released 11.22.19): 297,935 views audio video (released 2.12.18): 2,072,669 views TOTAL video streams: 5,210,086 views ... ------------------------ Spotify In Between -- 28,635,465 streams (+116,710) IB Acoustic -- 817,986 streams TOTAL streams: 29,453,451 streams ... ----------------------- Pandora ... May 18 - 24, 2020 1,511,022 streams (+4.6%) // Total: 39,652,578 streams ... jumped right over 38M to 39.6M streams babeee! ------------------------ iTunes Country Songs: #56 [Fyi, sales for a 3rd single rarely track as high a 1st and 2nd singles.If peeps have already 'purchased' a GOLD album, they've no need to purchase a 3rd single separately... Of course, streaming is a different story. To date, Scotty/IB have sold over 495K RIAA-equivalent units via youtube and the audio streaming services!] Today's Country (formerly 'A-List Country'): #25... -------------------------- Let's stay busy -- request, request request! ... (click arrow) --------------------------- And just in case you missed it . . .
  7. Yeah same Jesse coming back was so bittersweet, especially at the reminder of Natasha's passing away - Bukhu was definitely interesting and nothing seen before on The Voice, however I don't see him doing a Sam Perry and winning the whole thing. I can see him making it possibly through to the finals however it depends on how the public think of him and whether he can do something different. It's hard to put him up with other singers during the Battles because his style is so unique, and the singing with two notes is fascinating but when that is all he does for the rest of his performances it may be a little tiring
  8. I think Sebastian turned Guy too
  9. I looved jesse but I may be a little bias since he was a favorite of mine from last season, and lmao at team delta being all my favs and bukhu... was not my cup of tea
  10. Watched. He is King of live vocals.
  11. One day before my birthday. The question is when will they start shooting again? We still don’t know anything official about the tour. I'm not even going to start to talk about her team.
  12. Today
  13. Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas is a 2012 epic science fiction film directed by the Wachowskis and Tom Tywker. The film is based on the 2004 novel of the same name. The movie deals with six different plots that occur in six different eras in time. The first story takes place in the Pacific Islands in 1849, where Jim Sturgess plays the main character. The second story tales place in Cambridge and Edinburgh in 1936, where Ben Whishaw plays the main character. The third story takes place in San Francisco in 1973, where Halle Berry plays the main character. The fourth story takes place in London in 2012, where Jim Broadbent plays the main character. The fifth story takes place in Neo Soul in 2144, where Doona Bae plays the main character. The sixth and final story takes place in Big Isle in 2321, where Tom Hanks plays the main character. A fun fact is that most of the actors appear in all the other stories but with different roles. The movie proved to be polarizing among critics with some loving it and some hating it and the film appeared in Best Films and Worst Films lists from that year. The movie was a bomb office failing to earn back the total budget. I've never watched this film and giving that its length is over 3 hours I know that I will never watch it despite loving some of the casts like Ben Whishaw, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. Saving: The Purge Election Year
  14. Ella Monnery - Higher Love and she pick kelly (3 chairs) Jesse Teinaki - When the party's over he pick Delta (4 chairs) Sebastian Coe - Sucker only George turn Bukhu Ganburged - Mother and Father he pick Guys (4 chairs) Luke Biscan - Resolution kelly and guys turn but he pick guy (2 chairs) Phoebe Jay - man! i fell like a woman! (no chairs turn) Olivia Kelly - Video Game (no chairs turn)
  15. From what I've heard, 1 coach gets blocked a lot!! My guess is Kelly, but I've also seen ads where both Guy and Delta are blocked for the same contestant, and also Delta is blocked from pitching to a contestant who is singing and playing the piano. Hahaha George will definitely be finding a way to get revenge
  16. Who did the girl that sang Higher Love picked to be her coach?
  17. boy george gonna take revenge on delta hahaha i hope so he did that . i can't choose snowflake this season because so many talent singer in competition
  18. Oooo I've completely forgotten about the blocks! Wow so far only 1 block has been used, and coaches each have 2 blocks so it'll be interesting to see the others finally use it. Seems to be quite controversial - there was a lot of comments on social media saying that it isn't fair, so there's definitely gonna be a lot of uproar once more blocks are given
  19. Any guesses as to who she'll go with? From the sounds of the promo she's doing All by Myself, which I would think is a close match to Delta, however Kelly could be her pick seeing as she's from Armenia so probably isn't as familiar with the Australian coaches
  20. i impress jesse performance tonight and other performance ok but it's not enough for me
  21. I missed the whole episode except Jesse's audition. Honestly for me, his audition last year is stronger than his audition this year. It's a little bit rough tonight . But with right song choices, I can see him going really far
  22. Masha Mnjoyan will be next week i can't wait that
  23. Aaaaaand we finally have the mysterious auditioner who sang with "two voices". Bukhu is apparently a Mongolian throat singer.
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