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  2. For different opinions, I wish Connor Christian made it to lives. I loved his voice.
  3. Without contrast, we lose the nuances that allow for discussion and debate. Contrast can be frustrating at best, so I can see why it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally enjoy it as long as nobody's being blatantly disrespectful of others' opinions.
  4. The PV between Rachel and Dana will probably be close, IMO. Neither has a decided edge on Facebook.
  5. I could say the same thing to you about Victor or Dana. But I don't! Because I know that we all have different tastes and that is okay
  6. Rachel was my favorite of the night overall
  7. Chevel has taste for days because a) she's voting for Cam and b) she used your poster and c) is just an icon herself.
  8. Dana Rachel The guys (with Jose being the strongest)
  9. Ryleigh Pia Victor Zania If you'd have told me last night this would be my ranking, I would've laughed my a** off but here we are.
  10. I think if it's between Corey and any team Blake member, Corey will win WC
  11. Cam Anna Jordan Pete There's no bad choices for a top two here, tbh (though I'm hoping we at least see Cam there).
  12. 1. Ryleigh (very surprised with this) 2. Victor 3. Pia 4. Zania (what happened?) I expected 1 and 4 to be almost the opposite going into playoffs
  13. Looks like Blake’s fanbase is still trained to look for the songs on iTunes.
  14. Part of why I enjoy discussions on IDF is because though a lot of us have similar opinions, not everyone does - without some contrast, we become an echo chamber, which isn't as sustainable for long-term participation. Back to tonight: what team do we think will have the best shot of winning the Wildcard? I'm torn between Kelly and Blake, but I could be wrong.
  15. 1. Dana (possibly best of the night) 2. Rachel (also good) 3. Jose 4. Devan 5. Andrew
  16. ...or you could have an amazingly curvy booty.
  17. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - (5) Lily, Victoria, Gigi, Derek, Priscilla Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (2) Sola, JC Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (9) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Kaley, Andy Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - (1) Steven Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (6) Crisis, Nico, Gigi, Wallace, JC, Priscilla Katharine McPhee "Think" - (7) Chris, Diana, Sola, Steven, Gigi, JC, Wallace Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Ba
  18. 1. Cam 2. Jordan 3. Anna 4. Pete 1-3 were all really good, and 4 was also solid. No clue who will join Cam in the T9
  19. Wtf happened to have Ryleigh get PV? I literally can't believe it. But I'm not getting my hopes up. 80/20 In favor of Ryleigh though. PV: Ryleigh(Girl you better prove me wrong in saying you didn't have a chance, especially with that song) CS: Victor/Pia WC: Pia/Victor RIP Zania.
  20. 5 Karim & Amy: Week 5: “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (Salsa) - 11 Week 7: “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” (Quickstep) - 10 Week 9: “Happy” (Charleston) - 16 Week 11: “You Can't Stop the Beat” (Jive) - 95 Week 13: “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” (Quickstep) [Final Reprisal] - 16 Week 13: “You Can't Stop the Beat” (Jive) [Final Reprisal] - 2 + Jive - Jive Final Reprisal
  21. We should shoot for 500 votes each.
  22. 5 Holly Valance & Artem Chigvintsev - “Cell Block Tango” (Tango): 15 Dan Lobb & Katya Virshilas - “Somebody to Love” (Viennese Waltz): 5 Anita Dobson & Robin Windsor - “You Can't Stop the Beat” (Jive): 10 Alex Jones & James Jordan - “Memory” (Viennese Waltz): 10 Rory Bremner & Erin Boag - “Top Hat, White Tie and Tails” (Quickstep): 10 Lulu & Brendan Cole - “All I Ask of You” (Rumba): 10 Nancy Dell'Olio & Anton du Beke - “Be Italian” (Tango): 0 Audley Harrison & Natalie Lowe - “Too Darn Hot” (Quickstep): 10 Robbie Savage & Ola Jord
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