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I had all of her videos downloaded and I lost them when my computer got a virus. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE upload and send me the links to download ALL of the OFFICIAL iTunes Videos for her? Thanks in advance.

I have all her Studio Recordings, as well as the rest of the TOP 13. I have ALL videos for Adam, Allison, & Kris that I could also trade. Let me know original.gif

Be Without You
The Way You Make Me Feel
I'm Every Woman
The Rose
(Your Love Is Like A) Heatwave
ndependence Day
What's Love Got to Do With You

^^ are the ones I need ^^

Thanks soo much again in advance
This guy is going around to all the Idols' threads and is doing this. Make him pay for the vids like everybody else angry.gif
^ huh.gif There is nothing wrong with them asking, a lot of people on the board ask for media, the Studio Recordings Thread in the GD gets hundreds of requests, and people can either PM them with the links or not, it's up to them. I don't think you needed to go into every thread this member made and hound them.
Thanks, Istersay! huggy.gif I always thought it was illegal to share copyrighted material that way unsure.gif ----I had seen blogs close down for posting links to artist's stuff and links taken down by the RIAA on copyrighted material. I would only ask someone to share (like you) when I owned the items but didn't have them handy, figuring if the suits came I would always have the CD or receipt. I though that's what this poster was doing, but then saw posts in, like, every forum, so I got leery and told them to contact iTunes as they will have a record of the purchase. They helped me out when my hard-drive was low on space and goofed up. Where can I go to find out the legality on all this and what you can can't do? I checked out the forum and (it was referring to articles) said not to post copyrighted stuff. unsure.gif
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