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> The Official Thread For The Ladies!
post Today, 7:46 AM
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QUOTE(juniorfan4eva @ Feb 26th 2015, 7:57 PM) *

SO. One thing I forgot to tell you guys is I had my interview at the special ed kids camp that I worked at last year. I was SUPER nervous because it was three people interviewing me at once but I felt like the interview went really well, they all seemed to like me and seemed to be impressed with my experience and whatnot. Then a few days ago I got an email from one of them asking for references which I also took as a good sign. I wasn't sure who to use... I didn't want to use any of the teachers I did co-op with because even though they'd be good I was kind of thinking along the lines of like, I dropped out of the teaching program and that makes me look like I lack commitment, you know? So I used my sister because she is a dance teacher on the side and I used to be her "assistant" and we don't have the last name since she got married and I used this woman who is an audiologist with her own clinic and family friend who has been very nice to me, basically convinced me to switch into speech path when I was first considering it, offered me a job at her place once I graduated as well as observation/volunteer hours, etc. etc. just like one act of kindness after another. I figured two were enough references, I didn't want to come across as like too cocky or confident and they both seemed pretty good.

SOOOOOOOO as a dance assistant I used to do warmups and work with the kids who were falling behind. As well as that there was a little girl who was hearing impaired and so I got to work with her because she obviously couldn't hear as well. That sounds perfect for my job, right? Right. On top of that, when my sister couldn't make it to class, I'd be her substitute, and teach the classes by myself. For some reason (maybe her email sounded more official? haha.gif ) my work called the audiologist first. So afterwards she emailed me, told me they called her and seemed very pleased with me and my initiative and other yay things w00t.gif I then texted my sister and told her all the questions they asked my other reference and said you know make sure you tell them I taught by myself I wasn't just an assistant and emphasize the hearing impaired girl... I don't know if my sister just doesn't remember or legitimately thinks I didn't do either of those things but her response was "I'm not going to lie for you." ???????? So now I'm FREAKING out that they're going to call her and she's going to tell them something completely different from what I've told them (which is the truth!!) and they're going to think I was lying and I won't get the job crying.gif I told my sister like what are you talking about that's not lying I substituted for you multiple times AND worked with the hearing impaired girl? Then she just said, "I'll give you a good review don't worry" wacko.gif how am I not supposed to worry?! Like fck! My sister was such a good reference and now I'm so scared she's going to screw me out of my dream job crying.gif pinch.gif

Ooh that's so exciting that you may be getting your dream job and that at least one reference went really well! I hope your sister told them something that didn't contradict what you told them, especially since she did say she'd give you a good review. huggy.gif Either way, I hope that helps you get it!

QUOTE(yomarisa @ Feb 26th 2015, 9:15 PM) *

Oh it is cold/snowy here, yesterday was just randomly warm. haha.gif Like there's still snow all over the place, huge piles of it in random places etc. It's so annoyed I always hated it but I'm seriously SO done with this weather. thumbdown.gif

Yeah, I'm really done with it too. Like, I want to go out and DO things and I can't even go for good walks because of the snow covering half the sidewalks, where there even ARE sidewalks. (it's not city city where I live, so some streets don't have them)

QUOTE(Jen @ Feb 28th 2015, 9:33 PM) *

Is IDF back?! Missed you ladies and I feel like we all have so much we want to share haha.gif

Brian and I got in this huge stupid fight last night/this morning (we don't fight often) about him not caring about the future/me caring too much... I think we figured it out but basically my parents and I talked and they said the only way that they would 100% approve of us being together long term is if we both are settled in our careers, which makes complete sense. But I felt frustrated that he didn't care about finding another job and he works until 1030 at night to make more money but that means we never get to see each other during the week (besides at work but that doesn't count haha.gif ) and if he applied for other jobs or marketed himself, he could be making more $ and be happier and not have to work such long days. Idk.... just venting and stressing about the future for no reason. But ideally if we were to move forward I would want to be engaged in the next few years and I don't want to waste time if this isn't going anywhere? I'm so bad at telling him my feelings but I think I made my point... this is so pointless sorry!

Awww, sorry you guys had such a big fight. sad.gif I hope Brian does apply for something that will allow him to work shorter hours for better money. I feel like that's kind of like me right now, except I'm the one who doesn't apply for better jobs. (I mean... even when I do, I don't get called back. so...) but yeah, hopefully you two can make it work and move forward with your relationship in the next few years. huggy.gif

QUOTE(Niki @ Feb 28th 2015, 9:48 PM) *

Figures the site comes back right when I have to go back to work for 6 days. crying.gif I had two days off I could have used to do lots of posting.

Anyways.. update on me.. I have had chronic stuffy nose issues, snore horribly, and whenever I get sick I have the worst sinus infections/tonsil complications.. for a while I thought I needed my tonsils out but I just had my yearly physical yesterday and turns out I actually have a severely deviated septum.. this means the septum (wall separating my nostrils) is shifted way over to one side (in my case it's to my left side), which causes me to really only be able to breathe through part of my nose at all times.. In my case, the doctor said I am only breathing through 25% of my nose.. and when I'm sick it's even less.. and this causes me to mouth breathe/snore a lot at night, it causes any sinus drainage to go into my throat and cause my tonsils to get irritated more easily.. and I suffer from allergies so that sucks too.. so some people can treat this with nasal spray or drops, but mine is so bad that they say I need a surgery. It's basically going to be plastic surgery.. a nose job. I was referred to a specialist and awaiting on a call from him. I am nervous but happy they finally figured out why I can never breathe well. Hoping I can get this done sooner rather than later.

In other news, Justin has been accepted for a nice condo halfway in between our jobs! He gets to move in at the end of March and I will be moving in with him! I am excited and nervous at the same time.. but this is something I really wanna try.. Im 26 years old and feel like I need to do this.. we want to see how it goes living together before we get married or buy a house or anything.. My mom is supportive but my dad is upset cuz he worries about me driving longer to work.. but it's not that bad.. it's gunna be an hour at most.. it would have been 90 mins if we lived where he is now.. but he was willing to move halfway in between our jobs after I explained how much it meant to me.. he's doubling his commute for me which means so much. heart.gif
Sara- I am glad your gyno appt went well.

Awww man, yeah this stupid forum not being up was bugging me so I stopped even checking for a couple days because it was always just disappointing to get the error message.

But yeah, like I said on facebook, I hope things go well with your nose and everything! Also, I'm so excited you get to move in with Justin soon! w00t.gif That's gonna be a fun new adventure for the two of you! huggy.gif I really hope it works out well for the two of you, even with the longer commutes and everything (it's so sweet of him to do this to make you happy! heart.gif ) I bet it'll be good to come home to each other after a long day at work. happy.gif I can't wait until that finally happens for me too.

Thanks! I'm glad too. It feels good finally getting that out of the way and everything.

QUOTE(jodilo88 @ Feb 28th 2015, 11:03 PM) *

FINALLY IT'S BACK (and hopefully for good) w00t.gif

The past few days have been...semi-eventful.

I talked to the nurse my insurance provided me for the pregnancy/post-partum times of my life within the next few months, and we started discussing a lot of things...just things like when do I need to do kick counts, buy nursing clothes, etc. etc. etc.

The kitchen is coming along slowly but surely. We just dropped a ton of money on cabinets that Charles has to stain to match the ones we currently have (more cabinets = more counter space w00t.gif ) and HOPEFULLY it will all get done by the time Jacob gets here. We have to fix the center beam holding up the house and then after that we can finish the kitchen, get Jacob's room set up, and fix the guest bedroom door where it isn't latching properly.

I went baby stuff "shopping" (browsing) again today and have to update my registries now because I got a LOOOOOOT of advice on stuff to put on, take off, etc. etc. etc. We decided on a slightly different travel system for Jacob...rather than buying the car seat and stroller separately, we're just going to opt for a 2-in-1 travel system. I get to order my breastfeeding pump (completely paid for by insurance) at the end of March w00t.gif so I feel weirdly excited about that haha.gif Where I'm gonna be home a lot I don't think we'll need to use it TOO much, but I'd like to have a supply in stock in case we need to leave the baby with someone for a day or something.

Charles and I are doing really well. He just got his sleep schedule back on track after the wonkiness of the launch shifts (sleeping all day, staying up all night) and his next launch isn't until the end of March. I'm hoping they keep up this once a month at the end of the month thing, because then with Jacob due around June 23rd, and able to come really any time before that, he can take the time off that he needs to to be home with me for the first week or so (because work only gives him 3 days off since he's not the one giving birth...)

Oh, and I dropped my phone in the parking lot of the restaurant we went to at dinner last night...couldn't find it either sad.gif but then our old roommate's friend was running today and happened to find it, found her number in my phone and called her, and told her he had someone's (my) he got it to her and we picked it up today. No damage or anything, and everything is fine! Thank goodness original.gif

Hope you all have been well - Niki, excited for you to move in with Justin! Everyone stay warm, it's a mess out here in VA...we got 6-7 inches on Thursday and only a little of it is gone so far, but at least the roads are clear...

Oh wow! That really does sound like an eventful few days you've had! It's so great that your insurance is working with you with all your baby needs. That's so good about how well the kitchen is coming along too! Hopefully you'll get it done in time.

It's so great you're getting all of this done so you won't have to stress about it after Jacob comes! I'm sure it takes some of the worry from you now that you know it'll be at least mostly done before you deliver. Same with Charles's work schedule; hopefully they won't have a launch scheduled when you're going into labor or soon afterwards, so your man can spend that precious time with you and your new little boy. heart.gif

QUOTE(Shannyface87 @ Feb 28th 2015, 11:04 PM) *

My butt so hurts now as I was too chicken to go out on any of my walks recently. I worked a couple hours longer than I was supposed to so it didn't really help that I didn't do any exercise for awhile.

Awww man, that sucks. sad.gif I know how achy I get after a long day of working when I haven't exercised in a while too. Hopefully it's not so bad for you though since you generally exercise more often than I do. huggy.gif

QUOTE(AngelOfMusic8908 @ Feb 28th 2015, 11:51 PM) *

Niki, I hope you get your nose thing figured out!

JoAnna, glad you found your phone!

As for me, PMS has got me run down and depressed. But One Direction music and videos have cheered me up the past couple of days. And tomorrow I get to see Jim again heart.gif

Awwww so sorry about the PMS getting you down. I'm glad you were able to find something to make you feel better though! And seeing Jim will surely help even more!


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post Today, 9:31 AM
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I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I don't usually get really sore unless I do a new excercise video or like I said work a long day on my feet longer than usual. I did invite my older nephews over sometime so hopefully we can figure out a day we could meet to go bowling or something.

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