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> Lewis' lists 2.0, Starting anew!
post Yesterday, 6:07 PM
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SYTYCD: Season 11
Ranking the Routines: #40 - #37

DISCLAIMER: These routines are given rankings to say I prefer a over b, but they may not be in exactly the right order as the contemporaries in the last set were originally kinda actually ranked throughout this set (and the one before it), but for the sake of getting rid of them I just lumped all the contemporaries together. Anyway...

#40: "Europe, After The Rain" - Zack & (Amy) Sonya Tayeh Contemporary

To start, I am more than aware I do not know what Sonya went through in terms of her friend and I have note myself experiecnced any loss in my family (immediate or otherwise) for a number of years now, so this may be me just not connecting personally, but this routine just came off as lifeless to me, dare I say boring. I think Amy and Zack are two of the most vanilla dancers ever and while the routine was danced well, being as it was more of an emotional piece I wasn't blown away by the movement so yeah. Left my cold. The reason it is this high is like 99% the move where Amy goes into an assisted handstand in time to the lightning strike. That was pretty boss. Other than that I also didn't care for the music and despite what some board members insist they weren't in time in the section without music at the end. But whatevs, in hindsight this was more suited to my last set.

#39: "Ne Me Quitte Pas" - Emily & Teddy Tyce Diorio Contemporary

This was originally in the super forgettable contemporary set last time, but to call it forgettable would be unfair. That being said I'm just not a fan of Tyce's contemporary style. Emily was amazeballs at what she was given and I don't think any other girl could have pulled off the routine (Except mayyyyyyyybe Carly) not least with the actual performance she gave, and Teddy was good but forgettable. I say I'm not a fan of Tyce's contemporary but the first half of this routine is very striking and it's a shame that int eh second half the style and atmosphere just kinda fades away and it just starts to seem like unconnected movements. So yeah I appreciate the atmosphere and the dancing was great, just not my cup of tea (although when I'm rewatching some of the contemporary routines I have further up, this list may change again.

#38: "Hernando's Hideaway" - Jessica & Zack Spencer Liff Broadway

So as you will discover a lot later on, I love Spencer's style when he does this kind of broadway numbers and while I don't think was as succesful as "Too Darn Hot" (maybe due to less naturally charismatic/talented dancers) I do think this was still a very enjoyable routine. As I'm sure Megan will point out it definitely could have used more naturally sensual dancers and a more grounded/mature performance from both, I just adore the choreography and how they danced it. Zack (like Aaron before him) has shown the natural connection between tap and broadway by just nailing this routine. I would probably have died if #TeamTall had danced this last year, but still a great routine for both (you'll also notice I think Zack on the whole had the most successful finale but none of the finale routines really blew me away)

#37: "Piano Man" - Zack & (Aaron) Anthony Marigeratto Tap

So on finale I think Anthony delivered his two weakest piece of choreography, or more precisely his two weakest routines as a choreographer. I much much prefer when he uses new music and takes tap in a more modern direction than what the genre is generally stereotyped as. I mean "Piano Man"? Anyway the actual tapping is alright although they take a while to get a synchronized rhythm and occasionally fall out of it throughout. So yeah decent routine and I'll always enjoy tap when it's down well I just didn't enjoy (much like MJ week) how dated the routine and performances seemed. Personal taste I know but this is my list.

[b]#40: "Europe, After The Rain" - Zack & (Amy) Sonya Tayeh Contemporary[/b]
[b]#39: "Ne Me Quitte Pas" - Emily & Teddy Tyce Diorio Contemporary[/b]
[b]#38: "Hernando's Hideaway" - Jessica & Zack Spencer Liff Broadway[/b]
[b]#37: "Piano Man" - Zack & (Aaron) Anthony Marigeratto Tap[/b]

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post Yesterday, 6:07 PM

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post Today, 4:30 AM
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How am I supposed to comment on this when all the routines in this set could potentionally be in my top 5 routines of the season? laughing.gif
Though, I guess I shouldn't complain since you could have easily ranked them lower as you pointed out so it's fine. happy.gif

Regarding "EATR" I can see what you mean about the section without music as I felt that way the first time I watched it (this part was more drawn out in the reprise and matched with the lightning effect) but I think it has a certain charm on its own since it felt more raw and uncontrolled that way.

Tyce is probably my favorite Contemporary choreographer out of those who regularly appear on Sytycd at this point though that's more because of the fact that Travis, Mandy and Stacey's work rarely elicits more than a yawn from me nowadays. yawn.gif

Btw SYTYCD Vietnam's ongoing season has a cute (?) Ballroom guy in the top 20 so I'm interested to hear what you think about him. shifty.gif

Showcase Solo (his name is Đức Tiến):

Showcase Routine:

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post Today, 7:07 AM
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Piano Man and NMQP are probably my top 2(ish) routines of the season.
I disagree on Piano Man being dated. I mean, it is I guess, but tap is like broadway. It has such a rich heritage and I don't think it needs to be made contemporary. I mean, maybe not to the extent of broadway, I still enjoy tap routines like "Sing", but even routines like "When I Was Your Man" still have that vintage-y feel, even if the song is modern. I'm not even sure what point I'm trying to make here, I just love Piano Man. And I love Billy Joel. No shame.

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post Today, 9:31 AM
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I'd have NMQP a bit higher than that! But overall I don't disagree. Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't think E,ATR is all that. giggle.gif

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