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> Your ANTM elimination orders, from all 17 seasons.
post Jun 14th 2013, 9:39 PM
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Even though I've already done some of these, I'm starting completely from scratch. Some of the ones I've already done may change a lot while others may not change much at all. I'm also planning to go a little more in-depth with my commentary.

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 1

Week 1 - JLo Swimwear
FCO: Kesse (Runner-Up: Giselle)
Bottom 2: Shannon and Tessa
Eliminated: Tessa

The first shoot wasn't that great. The idea sounded interesting in theory, but the execution was pretty poor. The scenery could have been utilized better, and the photography was pretty shoddy, but despite all that, about half of the girls performed well (Kesse, Giselle, Katie, Adrianne, and Nicole) with Kesse landing on top. The other five kind of failed, and Shannon and Tessa performed the worst. In the end, I'd send Tessa home. Her look did have a lot of potential, but it didn't seem like she knew how to use it, and her post show work hasn't proved me wrong in that regard.

Week 2 - Stuff Magazine
FCO: Elyse (Runner-Up: Giselle)
Bottom 2: Kesse and Robin
Eliminated: Robin

This shoot was definitely a step up from the last one, but with that said, the results were much worse. Only one girl produced a great photo (Elyse) and only two others produced passable photos (Giselle and Ebony). The less said about the rest, the better. Kesse lands in my bottom 2 after producing a fairly atrocious photo, but her stellar photo from last week saves her, and Robin leaves for me. Robin clearly wasn't a model. She was by far the oldest, and it showed. She also wasn't photogenic at all, and her run on the show made this very evident.

Week 3 - Beauty Shot with Snakes
FCO: Adrianne (Runner-Up: Elyse)
Bottom 2: Kesse and Nicole
Eliminated: Nicole

I love this shoot. The concept was great, and unlike the first shoot, the execution came through very well. Unfortunately, not unlike the first shoot, only half of the girls performed well (Adrianne, Elyse, Giselle, and Shannon). However, those four all produced excellent photos, although I will say that I feel like I'm supposed to love Elyse's photo more than I actually do. I don't 100% get the hype for it, although it is a great shot. I think that Katie's photo would have been pretty middle-of-the-pack: worse than the four mentioned earlier but better than the other three. None of the last three girls produced good or even passable photos, and Kesse and Nicole land in my bottom 2. Despite Kesse producing her second bad shot in a row, I would still have faith in her to produce a better shot because of her first photo, so Nicole leaves. She didn't really have much potential as a model, and her only photo that even remotely impressed me was her first one.

Week 4 - Contact Lens Commercial
FCO: Kesse (Runner-Up: Giselle)
Bottom 2: Adrianne and Ebony
Eliminated: Ebony

Honestly, I don't really remember this week all that well, but I'll go off of what I do remember, and I remember that I enjoyed both Kesse's and Giselle's performances in the commercial, so they're the top two this week. Adrianne and Ebony are the only two that I remember really struggling, so they land in the bottom 2, and Ebony is eliminated. I thought Ebony performed decently her first two weeks, but these last two weeks were definitely not her best, so I think this elimination is justified.

Week 5 - Reebok
FCO: Adrianne (Runner-Up: Giselle)
Bottom 2: Katie and Kesse
Eliminated: Katie

Even though this photoshoot was pretty much crap, most of the girls performed well, with Adrianne performing the best. Kesse makes her third appearance in the bottom two in five weeks, and it would make a lot of sense to eliminate her here because of how inconsistent she's been, but I keep her because it makes the rest of the decisions much easier for me (I could see both Katie and Giselle doing well in the next shoot, which would mean one of the actual top 3 would be leaving. I'd rather that not happen). So yeah, Katie leaves, and I don't really mind. I think her performance in this competition would have been pretty middling had she stayed in week two, so it's not like this is a huge loss, but she is a gorgeous girl.

Week 6 - Lingerie
FCO: Giselle (Runner-Up: Adrianne)
Bottom 2: Elyse and Kesse
Eliminated: Kesse

Um, yeah. This was definitely the worst shoot of the cycle. The photography was horrible, the male model wasn't good, and the scenery kind of sucked even taking the Eiffel Tower into account. The girls' performances weren't good at all, either. None of the girls who actually did this photoshoot took a good shot, so Giselle gets FCO by default. Elyse lands in the bottom two for producing an extremely wooden and uncomfortable-looking photo, but Kesse finally leaves after her fourth appearance in the bottom two. Kesse's journey on the show was very rocky. Her first photo was terrific, but that's pretty much it. She probably overstayed her welcome again, but oh well.

Week 7 - Black and White Beauty Shots
FCO: Adrianne (Runner-Up: Giselle)
Bottom 2: Elyse and Shannon
Eliminated: Shannon

Okay, I know this wasn't technically an actual shoot, but I'm counting it as one. Anyway, I thought this shoot was great. Adrianne and Shannon both did very well, and I think Giselle would have also had a great shot. Elyse lands in the bottom two because her photo is clearly the weakest. Very tough decision on who joins her, but ultimately, it's Shannon, and comparing their portfolios, Elyse's is stronger, so Shannon is eliminated in 4th place. I guess you could say this is the first BS elimination of my redos, but I wouldn't have been satisfied with it going any other way. Anyway, Shannon took some great photos in the competition, but I think she was a little too green for it all.

Week 8 - Nude with Diamonds
FCO: Adrianne
Bottom 2: Elyse and Giselle
Eliminated: Elyse

I really like this photoshoot, too. Both Adrianne and Elyse did a great job, and I think that Giselle would have also knocked it out of the park. Adrianne gets FCO, so Elyse and Giselle are my bottom 2. Very tough decision for me, but I can't ignore the fact that this is Elyse's third consecutive appearance in the bottom two, so she peaces out in third place like she did in actuality. I love Elyse. Her personality was one of my favorites ever on the show, and she had such a great look, but I honestly think that her on-show performance is a bit overrated because of her post-show success. Her on-show portfolio really wasn't terrific, although she did produce some great shots. Regardless, Elyse is great, and I'm glad that she found success after the show.

Runner-Up: Giselle
America's Next Top Model: Adrianne

I thought Giselle was definitely robbed. She never once performed badly during her five week stay, and each of those five weeks, she never landed even close to the bottom, and I think she would have continued to perform well had she survived her elimination. But with that said, I think Adrianne was the perfect winner to kick off the franchise, so I'm not changing a thing.

My Cycle 1 Elimination Order:
10. Tessa
09. Robin
08. Nicole
07. Ebony
06. Katie
05. Kesse
04. Shannon
03. Elyse
02. Giselle
01. Adrianne

I'm going to try to do one of these every day, so cycle 2 should be up tomorrow.

American Idol 12: Angie/Candice/Kree
Big Brother 15: Candice/Elissa/Helen/Jessie/Judd/Nick
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post Jun 14th 2013, 9:39 PM

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post Jun 14th 2013, 9:43 PM
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Lmao at Kesse in this cycle. Always either in bottom 2 or FCO wub.gif roll2.gif

I thought the top three of that cycle was perfect, so I'm a bit upset Giselle managed to split it up on yours.

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post Jun 14th 2013, 9:49 PM
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I would have loved to have the same top 3 as the real cycle, but I couldn't have pictured Giselle doing poorly in any of the shoots, so I sadly had to eliminate Shannon. But Shannon would have left even if I flipped weeks 7 and 8 because of her not participating in the nude shoot. But if you want to, you can imagine that Giselle is my fourth place and Shannon makes the top 3. haha.gif

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American Idol 12: Angie/Candice/Kree
Big Brother 15: Candice/Elissa/Helen/Jessie/Judd/Nick
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