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> The Joys of Multiculturalism
post Apr 19th 2011, 11:59 PM
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From: BobbyBobBob Klink

Thanks liberals. Watch as national cultures fade into the sunset and bitterness, discord, isolation and flight develop in response.

First up, the Royal Wedding. In a nation bound together by culture, the Royal Wedding would have meaning for the people. In a multicultural heaven, this is what you get:
A group called Muslims Against Crusades has applied for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey on the day of the royal wedding, Scotland Yard said.

This group clearly rejects the cultural facet of the Monarchy. They stand apart from English culture. They want to mar the event and taint it for the millions who are looking forward to the pomp, ceremony, symbolism and historical ties.

Next up, John Cleese's declaration that London is no longer an English city. His solution was to flee, rather than fight to once again make it an English city. The city, in his mind, is lost to England. The cancer of multiculturalism has killed the Englishness of London:
He added that he preferred living in Bath to London because the capital no longer felt “English”.

“London is no longer an English city which is why I love Bath,” he said. “That’s how they sold it for the Olympics, not as the capital of England but as the cosmopolitan city. I love being down in Bath because it feels like the England that I grew up in.” . . . . .

In fact, one of the strange things about immigration and enforced diversity is that it destroys the very things that liberals love about this country – its egalitarianism, its secularism (including the ability to laugh about religion), an unarmed police, a public willingness to pool resources to pay for publicly owned libraries, arts services, education and health care. Personally, being a latte-sipping European girly-man, I quite like those things, and yet they are slipping away (could Life of Brian even be made today? I’m not too sure).

Perhaps Cleese’s support for Liberal Democrats and his obvious scepticism about a process of social engineering that is endorsed by all three main parties is explained by his age. The equivalent Cleeses of my generation have probably come to accept this change, and where they privately doubt it they suppress their feelings.

Enforced diversity is right because the English were not asked to vote on the question of eradicating their culture, that decision was forced on them, just like it was forced on Canadians and Americans by their liberal elites.

I don't doubt that there is rampant self-censorship on this topic for people are very aware of how the liberal fascists will seek out any critics and try to destroy them.

It's very sad to watch cancers eating away societies and destroying them and people being oppressed if they express concern or regret at what they see. Just sad. Too bad there are no such things as do-overs when we face the wreckage that liberals have brought us. How do you return London back to being an English city?

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post Apr 19th 2011, 11:59 PM

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post Apr 20th 2011, 7:08 AM
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post Apr 20th 2011, 11:08 AM
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From: Ontari-ari-ari-oooo.

You're clearly forgetting that the Westboro Baptist Church (white people) protests just about anything and I'm sure if the Royal Wedding were in the US they'd be protesting it. whistling.gif

So whatever to that. sorcerer.gif

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