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> Hell's Kitchen Season 14, General Discussion
post Mar 7th 2015, 9:33 PM
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Believe it or not, Hell's Kitchen premiered 10 years ago. Season 14 of Hell's Kitchen has started. This thread will be used for discussion about everything that goes on this season. Bring on Mr. Ramsay!

Some stuntpeople jump down the roof of the building onto a landing pad. Signature dishes are being cooked.

Here's the list of signature dishes:
  • Josh's seared scallops w/apple fennel slaw and crazy sauce: Good sear, great dish. 4/5
  • Sarah's filet mignon: The right temperature. 4/5
  • Cristine's scallops w/polenta cake: 4/5
  • Brendan's tempura soft-shelled crab w/ginger-garlic sauce: 4/5
  • Michelle's huevos rancheros w/quail egg and questo fresco: 4/5
  • Nick's pan-roasted duck breast w/ pepper-sherry gastrique: 3/5
  • Mieka's shrimp cake w/asparagus and peach salsa: "It isn't half bad, it's all bad." 1/5
  • Randy's salmon w/raspberry bourbon barbecue sauce: 3/5
  • Milly's seafood mac & cheese w/citrus gremolata: 3/5
  • Meghan's rainbow trout: 5/5!
  • Michael's herb-roasted chicken breast: 3/5
  • Chrissa's gingersnap-crusted chicken: "That is hideous!" 1/5 (WHAT!?)
  • Alison's red snapper: Sauce is too runny. 3/5
  • Adam's rack of lamb: Cooked perfectly. 4/5
  • T's coffee-crusted flank steak: "It's just suddenly dawned what 'T' stands for: Teriffic." 5/5!
  • Cameron's coriander-rubbed lack of lamb: 4/5
  • Bret's bone-in veal chop saltimbocca w/smashed fingerling potato: "It's rustic, but it's got charm." 3/5
  • Monique's pasta: The marinara sauce came from a jar. 1/5
Blue team wins!

The reward: A limousine ride, and meeting a Hollywood legend. It turns out to be William Shatner.
Red team's punishment: Setting up the entire dining room, and preparing thousands of reservations.

Sarah: "Those Henckels knives--they're such a fantastic gift. I will keep these knives for a lifetime. These are better than jewelry."

Everyone is practicing recipes. Chrissa has to use the bathroom right before opening time.

All right now, Open Hell's Kitchen! In Season 14's first dinner service:
  • Pan-seared prawns are an appetizer.
  • Red's team's scallops: Just right. That's the way to start!
  • Cameron's risotto: Needs more butter and salt. Second try: cooked nicely. But it's just sitting there, not delivered to a table.
  • Chrissa is confused about what's going on.
  • Appetizers continue to be delivered.
  • Dean McDermott is at a VIP table.
  • Michael's scallops: "We got color on one side, and bald the next." SLAM! So far, not one of their appetizers have been delivered. Second try: Perfect.
  • Red team moves to entrees.
  • Red team's pork and lamb are raw.
  • Blue team's lamb is raw.
  • Red team's second try with lamb: Really rare; the oven's not even on! Third try: Raw lamb and dry pork. Ramsay: "Like pork jerky." Fourth try: Both raw. "GET OUT!" That's the first "get out" of this season.
  • Blue team's lamb and salmon are perfect.
The winner is the blue team.

Red team's nominees: Monique and Chrissa. A third nominee is Christine, chosen by Ramsay.
Chrissa is going home. She rightfully deserves it.

Next time: Two chefs will be having quite a time. Someone wants to throw up? Who knows what will happen?

I'll see you next week on Hell's Kitchen!

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post Mar 7th 2015, 9:33 PM

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post Mar 10th 2015, 7:00 PM
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Here we go with episode #2!

Tonight, the contestants are getting crabs so they can make crab cakes. There need to be 10 plates of 3 cakes each in order for a team to win. The red team won 10-7.

The reward: A trip to Scottsdale, Arizona with horseback riding and a sunset dinner.

Blue team's punishment: Peeling shrimp, and preparing clams and lobsters.

Open Hell's Kitchen! In dinner service:
  • There is an appetizer of shrimp scampi.
  • Michael made a beet salad when no one ordered it.
  • Blue team's scallops are obviously quite raw. Second try: They're rubber. Ramsay: "All of you!" Blue team sent to the penalty box.
  • Red team was struggling on a squash blossom.
  • Third try for blue team's scallops: Just right.
  • Red team finished appetizers and has now moved onto entrees. Blue team has also moved to entrees.
  • Blue team's salmon is too soft and burnt.
  • Blue team fired a pan without anything in it; they need scallops. They cooked some scallops in there, but they're still raw. Ramsay says "Get out!" to three blue team members. That's the third time tonight that scallops have been raw. Really, does anyone on the blue team know how to cook scallops?
  • Now, the entire blue team is kicked out.
  • Red team finishes dinner service.
Obviously, the red team is the winner. The blue team with down in extreme flames.

Blue team's nominees: Cameron and Michael.
Cameron is going home.

Next week: One potentially fatal mistake could be made by the blue team! And the red team seems to be struggling. Someone on the blue team will cut himself. I'll tell you, you'll have to see it to believe it!!!

I'll see you next week on Hell's Kitchen!

P.S. Remember "The Great Pizza Massacre" from a few seasons ago? You might as well call what happened tonight "The Great Scallop Massacre." About 45 scallops were ruined tonight.

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post Mar 17th 2015, 6:52 PM
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It's time for Episode #3. Get ready, because it's gonna be a really intense one.

Contestants need to match fishes' heads to tails. The fish are trout, cod, salmon, and halibut. Blue team won. Teams have to make a fish entree. The blue team's reward is a 5-minute head start. Red team won 3-1.

Red team's reward: Going to Manhattan Beach, with surfing lessons from pro surfer Anastasia Ashley. And a dinner afterwards.
Blue team's punishment: Preparing seafood for dinner service. For lunch: Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches? What were they thinking?

Randy from the blue team cut himself with a knife jab, down to the bone! Get a medic quick!!! But he came back!

All right, get ready, everyone! Open Hell's Kitchen! In dinner service:
  • Anastasia Ashley is a customer.
  • Specials are a snapper entree and flatbread.
  • Red team only has half a risotto and half portions of other food.
  • Blue team starts getting appetizers out.
  • Blue team's scallop salad had a piece of plastic in it.
  • Red team's risotto is way too salty.
  • Michael put a hot pan in the oven; someone could scald themselves.
  • Red team's risotto is just right, but the bottom of the flatbread is black. They forgot about the cappelini.
  • Nick's pork is raw.
  • Red team's scallops are rubber.
  • Nick's second try at the pork: Still raw.
  • Red team's next risotto is disgusting, with no cream and no mascarpone. It's sticky and bland. Ramsay says "Get Out!" to the red team.
  • Blue team's lamb was full of blood. The blue team is also ejected from the kitchen.
Ramsay went into the dorms. There is no winning team.

Red team's nominees: Mieka and Christine.
Blue team's nominees: Michael and Nick.
Michael is going home. His pan was seconds from burning. A third-degree burn was waiting to happen.

This was quite an episode! Next time: One chef may refuse talk to his teammates. It could be the end of the line for him. Someone will be real mad.

I'll see you next week on Hell's Kitchen!

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post Mar 24th 2015, 6:59 PM
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Welcome to episode 4!

The contestants put on jerseys and head to a football field. The contestants have to put a modern twist of four All-American dishes: mac and cheese, pizza, burger, and spaghetti. Red team wins after a tie at 4-4, and Bret is visibly ticked off.

Red team's reward: Going to Long Beach, CA, on a ship called the American Pride.
Blue team's punishment: Prepare 500 pounds of onions. That's tons of tears right there. Hey, where's Ashley S. from The Bachelor when you need her?

Let's go! Open Hell's Kitchen! And it's Family Night! Please don't screw up miserably! In dinner service:
  • Blue team's risotto portions are too small. One-and-a-half portions instead of two.
  • Red team's scallops are perfect.
  • Red team's mac and cheese is too salty.
  • For the blue team's second try at risotto, they put the old risotto in the newly-cooked one. That's a no-no! Third try: just right.
  • Red team's Beef Wellingtons are undercooked; they have white fat in them. Second try: perfect.
  • Blue team moves onto entrees.
  • Red team's steak is raw, more like purple-rare.
  • Blue team's steak is overcooked, and the team eats it as a punishment.
  • Red team's next steak is overcooked. Ramsay: "GET OUT!" They're sent to the penalty box. And their burger is still raw!
This Family Night did not go well, but the blue team are the winners.

Red team's nominees: Monique and Sarah.
But Mieka is going home. That's what I call a "wild elimination."

Next time: Will the red team stay together? Will someone lie to Mr. Ramsay?

Hell's Kitchen is brought to you tonight by the letters M, O, and O.
This is Walker359718 reminding you, don't undercook or overcook your beef! I'll see you next week on Hell's Kitchen!

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