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> Official 3rd album speculation/discussion thread
post Yesterday, 3:13 PM
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I just find it so hard to believe that in this long and this many songs she has recorded RCA has not heard one song they think is single worthy. This has to be impossible! Theres gotta be something else going on! I just can't figure out what. Everyone else involved in the project is super excited and loves all the music, except the label it seems. Hopefully something will surface soon, I feel like it bubbling under the surface and hopefully coming soon (spring/summer). I would hope they would ride off of this Vertigo hype (but we all know they have had so many big opportunities to release music and decided not to). If they do decide to ride the Vertigo hype she'll probably release Before It Breaks. And the 2 single thing we were thinking wouldn't work cause with all the relationship hype, the other single would get over shadowed. Also it annoys me how it seems like RCA supports every single one of their artists even the nobodies except for Jordin!

And what ive heard of the songs I'm pleased. And I would assume what we've heard isnt even her best material. Skipping A Beat not single worthy, but a good track none the less. Its one of the album tracks you jam to when it comes on. Its got a nice flavor. 11:11 is my song! I love how sultry and sexy it is, I honestly imagine her doing a lap dance everytime I hear the song bleh.gif ! I honestly think it could be a single, not the lead single, but maybe end the era. But thats my favorite so far. And she released it for free so she obviously feels she has better songs. And flashlights, you all seem to love it. I like it too, I just don't love it as much as all of you. Its a good song, I just don't get goosebumps. But majority of yall like it so it probably would do well. But that intro to the song is EVERYTHING! I love that intro alone more than anything out right now. Maybe when I hear the full song it'll all come together for me! I just wish we heard some more of the songs and actually got a single!! Maybe she could release an EP.

I wish Jordin was like Ariana in the way that she communicates with her fans about music. And how she has Ustreams and plays snippets for them! Speaking of Ariana, with all the songs including the Way that Harmony has produced and written for Ariana and how AMAZING they are I find it hard to believe the ones he is doing for Jordin aren't just as good if not better since he is so excited!

Oh and sidenote speaking of Ariana it sounds like her second album is gonna be fire as well!! Heard all those snippets and girls got some hits! It makes me a little sad to know that Honeymoon Avenue won't be a single though (that was my jam!). I cant wait for her new single Problem ft Iggy Azalea. And lol she's dong a hashtag like Jordin's #8daystilProblem.

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post Yesterday, 3:13 PM

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post Yesterday, 3:17 PM
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QUOTE(itcouple @ Apr 19th 2014, 3:59 PM) *

Do you guys think if Jordin was a dancer, RCA would show more interest in releasing her album unsure.gif unsure.gif

Jason talks about Jordin dancing.

No... look at Ciara. Look at how much hell she went through when she was with Jive.

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