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> The Official Thread For The Ladies!
post Yesterday, 7:39 PM
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QUOTE(saran4886 @ Jul 25th 2014, 4:00 PM) *

Hey ladies! I've been kind of flying under the radar lately because I haven't really been doing much worth mentioning. Mostly just going for walks/hikes and hanging around the house. I went out a couple times recently to places specifically to see penguins (which I love a LOT) but both times I missed out on seeing them. Once at the zoo when the exhibit was closed down and the penguins had been shipped to other zoos, and the other time I tried to go to the aquarium but it was late and the line was really long so we decided to skip it after all... tomorrow I plan to go to a different aquarium to see some so hopefully the third time will be my charm, lol.

Wow, that all sounds really hectic. I hope you're not stressing yourselves out too much over the remodeling. That stainless steel/black theme sounds great, I like how sleek those kinds of appliances look. I'm glad you're making a bit of progress though, and hopefully you two can come to some sort of agreement on the countertops soon. laughing.gif

Oh yeah... I know a lot of people tend to like more home-made foods over prepackaged, but some prepackaged things aren't too bad, imo. At least you can have dinners out as much as possible so you can still have freshly prepared food.

I hope you can see some penguins! heart.gif

And yeah, we're not too stressed out quite yet. Once he gets paid this coming Thursday, we're gonna take that Saturday and go see what else we can find out about stuff...we're already getting prices for appliances like a new dishwasher/fridge/etc. and I'm just like fear2.gif at how expensive stuff is! But we will eventually get it all straight original.gif And after not wanting a chrome bread box last year for Christmas, I guess we're getting one after all lmao.gif Oh Charles...and as for the prepackaged stuff, he'll be set...he'll only have that stuff on weekends (he'll go out for lunch). At least we'll be spending money on just toiletries and pet stuff during the renovations (mostly). original.gif

QUOTE(let it be @ Jul 25th 2014, 3:20 PM) *

Not sure if it's the same for the Vue but I get all my K-Cups on actually winds up being cheaper. Or Bed Bath and Beyond since I always get those 20% off coupons in the mail Might be worth looking into!
I hope this shows up in the same post but if not, sorry!

That's where we go, BB&B. That's in Salisbury. He doesn't like to order that kind of stuff online though, so we figure we'll just go ahead and make the switch anyway. original.gif

Call me JoAnna, please. :)
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post Yesterday, 7:39 PM

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