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> The Official Thread For The Ladies!
post Today, 6:30 PM
Post #18881

sweet n' sassy Midwestern girl

Group: Members

Posts: 21,449
Gender: Female
From: Iowa
Fav. AI12: Janelle Arthur
Fav. AI13: Jessica Meuse
Fav. BB16: Nicole Franzel

My mom thought I was a boy too. But she doesn't know why laughing.gif

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post Today, 6:30 PM

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Group: Marketing

Posts: I've been known to spam...
Gender: Not telling :P

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post Today, 6:39 PM
Post #18882


Group: Members

Posts: 45,481
Gender: Female
From: Massachusetts
Fav. AI11: Colton Dixon
Fav. AI12: Angie Miller
Fav. AI13: Alex Preston


FINALLY trying to get a smart phone tomorrow! My crap phone is sooo old and dead.. I need a new one. I'm not getting calls at times, it dies soo fast etc..

QUOTE(*Diana @ Oct 22nd 2014, 7:37 PM) *

SO the job fell through because my stupid body (it's such a long tmi story). I AM SO ANNOYED. thumbdown.gif
Lets add like six people on my facebook. lmao.gif It's been twice a day for a week now. haha.gif Happy for everyone! happy.gif

I'm so sorry sad.gif huggy.gif

QUOTE(saran4886 @ Oct 22nd 2014, 10:21 PM) *

If it's the show I saw Niki mention on Facebook, it's on the 27th of December, so it's a Saturday. happy.gif It'd be fun to finally meet up with you too! huggy.gif (not sure if you have plans over that weekend though... since it's during the holiday break at school and such)

yes.gif That's the one. happy.gif

QUOTE(yomarisa @ Oct 24th 2014, 6:23 PM) *

So remember about a month ago, I got a response from Obama because I emailed him?

I basically was just talking about how I lost my passion for writing and how I need some inspiration because I miss it. His response just said that he loves reading the words of anyone who writes to him, and that he does in fact read them.

But then today, I got another email from him with some words of encouragement! It was a much more personal response. heart.gif w00t.gif And to think, I didn't even expect one response. haha.gif

Omg, that's so cool!!! w00t.gif

AI13: KING ALEX! Sam.Jess.Jena.Caleb.Emily. BB16: Nicole.Donny.Hayden.Zach.
TV7: MATT.Taylor.Joe.Mia.Luke.Amanda.Jessie.S29: Natalie.Jeremy.Nadiya.Val.Kelley.
TAR25:Adam&Bethany.Keith&Whitney.Michael&Scott.Amy&Maya.Shelley&Nici. HK13: Santos.

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